Hi there I have a few questions:

1. Can the wall panels be made to measure?

2. Are they adhered to the wall using ready made wallpaper paste?

3. Does the panel come in sections for easier application?



Thank you for your enquiry. The wall panels can be sized to order, if you would like to send us your sizes we can email you an image of how it will look. The panels are the same as wallpaper and are made of non woven paper, so are paste the wall with a ready mixed paste. The panel comes on a roll like wallpaper with markings showing the sections.

Do you sell crayons for colouring joins of wallpaper in,if so what colours do they come in please.

We don't sell crayons, we recommend any good quality insoluble crayon from a stationers or art supplier.

The fabric sample I received from you is lovely, but it doesn't show the pattern properly. Can I get a better one?

We are sorry, that the sample isn't large enough to see the whole pattern repeat. Sadly, we cannot influence the size as they come to us already cut, usually by a machine. We could, however, for a small deposit, send you a returnable sample , so you can see all of the design. You can contact our cuttings department for more details.

I would like some information on small samples and how to order them. What is the price?

You can order samples by clicking on the small image of the product you like, and then on the grey +Add Cutting button. They will get added to your basket, one by one. The minimum charge is £4.50 for up to six cuttings, but you can order as many as you like and the price will be calculated accordingly. Samples from the Boutique are worth two from the main store.

Is there a way to view wallpaper with the same pattern in fabric?

If you put matching into the search box it will bring up all the fabrics and wallpapers that have a matching pair.

Do stripes going down from ceiling to floor give the illusion of bringing the walls in.
Does the width of the stripe matter.

Thank you for your enquiry. Vertical stripes tend to heighten a room but wouldn't say the bring the walls in, a narrow stripe will be quite powerful in a small room, whilst a thick horitzontal stripe will make a small room appear larger. I would suggest soft, neutral colours would keep the room more 'open', especially if they match with the furniture

Is there a basic rule for calculating the number of wallpaper rolls I require?

To calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need, use a simple calculation:

1. Measure the width of your wall and then divide this figure by the width of your chosen wallpaper.
2. The result will tell you how many drops (strips) of wallpaper you need. You may have to round the number up.
3. Multiply the number of drops by the height of the wall and you get the meters needed for your wall excluding the wallpaper pattern repeat .
4. Multiply your wallpaper pattern repeat by the number of drops needed, minus one
5. Add the figure to the meters needed without the pattern repeat and you get the final amount of meters for covering your wall.

Wallpaper roll is 52cms wide, has a 42cms pattern repeat and there are 10mtrs on the roll
Wall width is 450cms, wall height is 230cms

1. 450 / 52 = 8.65
2. 8.65 = 9 drops
3. 9 x 230 = 2070cms
4. 42 x 8 = 336cms
5. 336 + 2070 = 2406cms = 24.06mtrs
6. As there is 10 metres in a roll you will need to purchase 3 rolls.

How do make a scheme?

When you are in a fabric or wallpaer that you like you click the 'add to scheme' button and you will see a little picture on the right of your screen. Keep adding as many products as you like, then to have a look at them all together click the View your Scheme button and you will be able to move them around, to see what goes best and delete any you don't like. Click the Rename your scheme and input your email address to save the scheme so you can come back to it any time later. You can also order cuttings of all of the products, or order them all - they will go into your basket and then you can adjust the metreage or rolls that you need. Hope this is helpful! The schemes that we like the best will be put on the designer notebook - so look out for yours!

We have just moved into an old Georgian house, and I am left with the task of redecorating it. Would you be able to help me with choosing the right products?

Certainly, yes.
Let us have as much detail as you possibly can, and we will come up with some suggestions.
Let us know which room you are decorating, the colours you are thinking of using, what kind of furniture and flooring there are in the room. It would also help, if you selected a couple of products from our store that you think may work for you, to give us a better idea of what you like.

How can I mix and match different fabrics?

Mixing and matching is a creative and fun way to express your personal style at home. There is beauty and harmony in blending and balancing a wealth of varying elements like patterns, colours and texture.
First, think of your colour scheme, then, for instance, start with a self-patterned plain fabric and complement it with a stripe or a check . Add plain velvet in statement colours for a wonderful personal style. Luxury trimmings are also a fun way to inject some fun and interest into your room.

My mother has a very old pair of curtains that needs replacing. She doesn't remember where they came from, but loves the design and ideally, would like to use the same fabric. Would you be able to find out if it is still available?

There are some classic designs that are printed over and over again, so it is possible that the fabric is still around. If you can let us have an image of the curtains, we will try to identify the fabric.

What should I consider when choosing a wallcovering?

The most important thing to consider is the condition of your walls. The better the condition, the more options you have. If your walls are damaged, have them redone before you decorate. Only walls in perfect condition should be painted. Slight damage to plaster can be covered up by lining paper and then wallpapering. Your decorator should know to always use ready mixed wallpaper paste.

I really need to add seasonal style to my outdoor space in the summer months. What, do you think I should use?

Outdoor spaces require more durable items that can withstand a range of temperatures and weather conditions. Cushions, deckchairs, beanbags and hammocks made up in outdoor fabrics that are designed to be resistant to mould, water, mildew, UV and some stains should do the trick. Add some hurricane candle holders and cosy woollen throw for the evenings.

Do you have any tips for decorating a child's bedroom?

When decorating a child’s bedroom, opt for furniture that has longevity and for decoration that addresses your child’s of-the-moment interests and practical needs. When selecting curtain fabrics and/or wallpapers, think of your child's personality. Try introducing fun colors, patterns and details. Personalization is another way to create a special and unique environment for your child.
Browse through our selection of childrens fabrics and wallpapers and order some samples to help you decide.

Is it OK to use curtain fabric for upholstery?

Most fabrics are of dual purpose and they can be used for curtains, soft furnishings and upholstery. There are certain fabrics (for example silks and voiles), that are more sensitive and therefore wouldn't withstand everyday wear and tear. We are very happy to let you have more information about a particular cloth, if needed.

What does half drop pattern repeat mean?

The pattern repeats across the roll half way down the vertical repeat, usually to make the design repeats more interesting. This normally means allowing extra and cutting very carefully as each cut will start at the half repeat.
The best way to be certain of buying enough wallpaper or fabric, is to work it out as if it were an ordinary repeat and add half a repeat to each drop, except for the first one.

How do I save a scheme on this website?

When you find the first product you think will work for you, click on the image and then on the “Add to Scheme” button. Keep adding more products in the same way as you find them. Your scheme can be saved at any time by clicking on “Rename Scheme” and giving it a name for your own reference. You can save more than one scheme under different names and open them as and when you need them. The cuttings can be ordered by clicking on the “Add Scheme to Cuttings” button.

If I over order wallpaper,as I don't want to be short, can I return 1 or 2 rolls?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to accept any returns of wallpaper under 5 rolls. For a return of 5 rolls and above, 20% handling charge will be incurred.

How do I measure up for curtains?

We have put together a guide to help you take the right measurements for the curtain design you’d like, which can be downloaded here. But don’t hesitate to contact us by email or telephone, if you’d rather we made the calculations for you.

Do you supply other fabrics/wallpapers that are not on your website?

Yes, we do. It is impossible to show every design from all the extensive ranges. However, if you would like to contact us and describe what it is that you are looking for, we will do our best to find you the right and suitable product.

Is it OK to use an ordinary wallpaper adhesive? I don’t want to waste money on ready mixed wallpaper paste.

No!! All wallpaper manufacturers we work with, recommend using ready mixed paste for a superior finish. We would not be able to accept any responsibility, should the wallpaper overstretch, become difficult to handle or discolour.
If you live in the UK, you can purchase ready mixed paste in our store. It is available in a 2.5kg tub which covers approximately 25 mtrs of wallpaper, 5kg tub which covers approx 5 rolls or a 10kg tub which covers approx 10 rolls.
Customers outside the UK should be able to purchase a good quality equivalent locally. Any solvent free, fungicide protected, ready-mixed adhesive will do the job. Hanging instructions are included in each roll of wallpaper.

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