How to measure for furniture

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How to Measure For Your Furniture

We want to ensure that your furniture will be a perfect fit for your home, so we’ve put together a handy how to guide on what measurements you will need before ordering.

Our furniture is made especially for you; therefore it is essential that you measure all access points before purchasing. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

What measurements do you need?

Determine the best pathway from our delivery vehicle to where your furniture will be placed, and think about all the possible size constraints.

 photo 497e33ff-7c86-496b-a174-db9874c32f83_zpsbe104aff.jpg

1.Take the measurements of height (A) and width (B) of the entryways that your piece of furniture will go through.

2. Measure (C) – entry clearance i.e. the distance from the wall through the doorway to the opposite wall.

3 .Make sure to take into account low lying lamps (D), ceiling heights (E), pictures on the wall (F), staircases and banisters (G).

Furniture Measurements

We will provide you with full measurements for your new piece of furniture – if our standard sizes do not work with your home we also offer a bespoke service, in which we can tailor the furniture to your specific requirements.

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Useful Tip

To check that your new piece of furniture is in proportion with the rest of the room, you can either map out the space with newspaper or mark it with masking tape.