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10 Beautiful Ways to Decorate with House Plants

28th June 2018

An obsession with all things botanical has gripped the interior design world for longer than we can remember. Now, this trend is extending beyond leaf patterns to focus on the use of indoor plants as design elements.

House plants have the ability to breathe new life into any interior scheme, as well as boasting a number of practical benefits. These include the ability to regulate humidity and in some cases, purify the air. From simple succulents to large statement pieces, we share our top tips on interior decorating with plants.

Complement Your Interiors

The vast array of indoor plants on offer can be overwhelming. Begin by looking to your current interior scheme to guide your choice. A tropical house plant may look a little at odds if your interior has a more country cottage feel. Likewise, the delicate fronds of a fern can get lost in rooms with lots of bright colours and bold patterns. 

Don’t Fear Large Indoor Plants

Large house plants can be off-putting, particularly in smaller rooms where they can be seen to take up valuable space. They, however, make a striking focal point and bring an instant feeling of freshness to any home.

Opting for larger house plants with longer stems and fewer leaves can alleviate the space issue. They bring added height to your room and exaggerate the dimensions of an interior.

Plants to pick: Dracaenas grow tall and thin are perfect for smaller rooms. Otherwise, the graceful yet abundant leaves of an Areca Palm look exceptionally eye-catching.

Use House Plants to Add Colour

Just as you might use cushions or rugs to add colourful accents to a room, you can introduce house plants for the same striking results. As well as plants across the green spectrum, there are a variety available with red or yellow tinted leaves. Not to mention, flower or fruit-bearing plants that allow you to add further pops of colour throughout your home. 

Create Clusters for Indoor Plants

Arranging potted plants in small clusters creates an appealing display, perfect for a desk or side table. Pair plants with long thin leaves against those with rounded ones for added interest. Then, group them in odd numbers for a natural look. 

Plants to pick: Succulents, potted herbs or any small plant that will grow slowly.

Arrange House Plants at Different Heights

Placing your potted plants at different heights in a room creates balance. It allows you to add extra foliage without making the room feel crowded. Consider placing one pot on the floor, a second on a surface around waist-height and a third on top of a cabinet or in a hanging container.

Opt for Stylish Plant Pots

A plant pot can be used as a styling tool just as much as the house plant itself, so don’t overlook this when choosing. Simple terracotta pots are a popular choice for homely interiors with a warm feel. Whereas, bold metallic plant pots add a sense of sophistication. They also provide an interesting contrast against cacti or aloe vera. Particularly sought after at the moment are slouchy woven baskets, which lend a relaxed artisanal quality to interiors. They have the added bonus of being much kinder to wooden floors!

Make Indoor Plants Part of the Room

A well pruned house plant stood alone on a dresser can look too formal, and more like an after-thought. Instead, layer your house plants into your interior decorating. Allow them to become a little overgrown, or place them just in front of or behind other objects. 

Utilise Hanging Planters

Short on surface space? Investing in a few hanging containers is the perfect way to decorate with house plants. They are all the rage at the moment, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Hang a single planter in the corner of your room or position two or three at different heights to form a pretty display.

Plants to pick: Most small and leafy plants will look good in hanging planters. Trailing varieties, however, are particularly on trend at the moment. Consider String of Pearls, Ivy or, for something different, Hoya Gracilis, which will produce beautifully scented pink flowers in the late spring. 

Consider Different Display Options

Unusual planters provide the perfect opportunity to unleash your creative skills. They produce a unique style statement within the home. This is true whether you’re choosing an eclectic mix of plants for your bottle garden or cultivating an entire living wall.

Build Your House Plants Collection

When it comes to plants, less is certainly not more. If you find your house plant collection slowly expanding across your home then embrace it! Kitchens and bathrooms are great places to go overboard with foliage as they’re the rooms that often contain unused space. Line windowsills, cram shelves and fill your home with happiness-inducing house plants. 

Interior Decorating with Plants

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(Build Your House Plants image by Brina Blum on Unsplash.)

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