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Abberley Wallpaper

per metre

A beautiful mid-scale floral pattern based on a French 18th century block print. The stylised flowers look rather like poppies and chrysanthemums set within a ribbon structure. In a soft green and dark chocolate on an ivory coloured ground, this wallpaper is truly delightful.

The background is a mass of tiny dots  – a technique called ‘pointillage’, created when the block was carved to leave a series of raised dots, which explains the irregularity in their scale and placement – the original marks of the block printer and the happy mistakes and over-prints with only a little tidying, remain as the original.

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Colour Reference
04 - Greengage
138 cms
Pattern Repeat
62.5 cms
Care Notes
Printed on 100% Cellulose Fibre - Spongeable
This is a wide width wallpaper that is hand printed to order and is sold per metre.
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