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Abstract Head Dining Chairs

17th September 2018

This bright and airy dining room is situated within a home in Spain, and features beautiful, rustic wooden furniture. They perfectly complement the setting and honour the traditional colonial style.

A small dose of pattern and colour was the perfect solution to elevate this room. It draws attention to the centre table and away from the white walls. This was done through an exciting upholstery fabric.

A Pair of Rustic Dining Chairs Receive a Modern Update!

Abstract Floral Fabric
Abstract Floral Fabric

Having just the two head chairs upholstered in a modern fabric creates just enough drama. It bring interest and draws the eye without taking away from the rustic chic style of the rest of the room.

This was achieved with an abstract floral fabric that was chosen in a boldly printed, multi-coloured design. Flamingo Fabric makes for a contemporary contrast to the furnishings with its stylised flowers.

The assortment of primary colours also makes for an eye-catching statement. Whereas, the large-scale print adds a more relaxed, casual feel.

A plain grey fabric has been used on the other dining room chairs which the new additions match seamlessly. The similar design and tone ties the seating together. The result is a balanced and engaging dinging room design.

What They Said...

"The fabric looks great - Thank you for your services!!"

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