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The Shade of Blue We're Loving

2nd September 2017

Air force blue room inspiration sees a medium tone of azure that works wonderfully in interior design. It's also known as French blue, forties blue and steel blue.

It was originally used by the UK and US Air Force to camouflage their aircrafts against the sky. Despite its former purpose, air force blue is a powerful shade that does anything but hide.

In recent months, this tone has made its way into many new fabric and wallpaper designs. It's having a moment. Discover how to utilise this striking shade in your home...

Stylish Air Force Blue Room Inspirations

Room Idea One: Air Force Blue Bedroom

A blue and white bedroom is a classic look that never goes out of style. The added use of neutral in this room provides extra comfort and cosiness.

The pattern on these floral curtains are also the focal point of the room. The Jasmine Embroidery Fabric uses a mix of all three tones.

White furniture and window frames then look crisp beside the blue wall colour. The darker, low radiator and flooring accentuate the height of the walls.

Neutral and nature are continued on the cushion with Woodland Tree Embroidery Fabric. Likewise, a similarly neutral throw adds an extra layer to the bedding.

The result is a warm room that works year round to create a welcoming space. (The same principle also works wonderfully by using this pattern on wallpaper.)

Room Idea Two: Air Force Blue Dining Room

The demure air force blue tone means that it can hold bigger patterns like this large print floral wallpaper. Tudor Rose Wallpaper uses traditional style and updates it through dramatic sizing and modern colours.

The use of air force blue, navy, pale yellow, and brown balances perfectly between masculine and feminine. The brown also has muted earthy orange undertones that complement the background.

A plain blue fabric has been used on the dining table to match the wallpaper. This provides a fuss-free base on which to display home accessories and hold meals.

White is again used to brighten the space on period windows and sliding doors. Further use of wood on the dining room chairs tie together with the print. Statement pendant lighting adds a modern twist to the room whilst art work adds personality.

All in all, this dining room design proves that air force blue is the ideal shade for shared spaces. It's suited to every taste and can still make a statement.

Room Idea Three: Air Force Blue Bathroom

The pairing of the ever-popular Palm Jungle Wallpaper and black tiles is certainly a bathroom design favourite. The air force blue print entirely pops when coupled with both black and white.

This large design also works suprisingly well in all size bathrooms. It's an exciting pattern that is, once again, tempered by this shade of blue. This is taken even further as the topical vibes are given a relaxing and soothing finish.

Usually, such a feature wallpaper means that nothing necessarily needs to be hung around a room to bring a sense of character. The statement mirror, however, adds the illusion of space that modest rooms can benefit from.

The white of the basin and comode give a classic clean look to the interior. Modern fixtures complete this look in silver.

Finally, the warm brown blinds tie in with the nature theme of the walls. Clearly, these classic colour combinations can work anywhere in a home.

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