Six Colour Combinations That Look Great With Blue

6th May 2022

From darker blues that appear almost black to lighter tones that appear almost white, shades of blue span the entire colour spectrum.

Blues with green undertones tend to be brighter shades such as turquoise and aquamarine, whilst more purple toned blues fall at the darker end of the range with shades such as indigo and ultramarine. However the appearance of these shades will still be heavily influenced by factors such as the amount of natural light in your room and other colours in your scheme. When pairing colours looking for complementary undertones will ensure a harmonious relationship between the two and sampling your colours thoroughly will ensure you find your perfect match. Take a look at our most popular partners for blue to find the dream combination for your space.

1. Blue and Red Colour Scheme

Coming from opposing ends of the colour spectrum blue and red are perfect to create a high contrast scheme in every sense of the word. The warmth of red beautifully juxtaposes the coolness of blue, whilst the peace represented by blue counteracts some of the passion embodied by red. Despite being the least featured colour of the scheme red remains prominent with its effect intensified by the consistency of the tone used. The mixture of patterns, plains and textures draws your eye around the room allowing details such as the redspots on the full-length curtains and red trim on the sofa to pop. Given that both are strong colours in their own right the addition of white in this scheme stops the room from feeling overpowering or two tonal.  

Blue And Red Colour SchemeBlue And Red Colour Scheme

2. Blue and Yellow

Yellow is another great colour to provide a strong counterpoint to blue in a scheme. Considered the brightest and most energising of the colours it balances the calmness of blue perfectly. Marrying bright yellow with deep blue creates a space that feels opulent with a soft drama. The sense of grandeur is heightened by the full-length curtains in rich damask fabrics and dark wood floors. Fabrics such as velvets and silks will also reflect much needed light around the room whilst also enhancing the feeling of luxury. Whether you choose to layer multiple prints or layer plains this is an elegant pairing that is sure to impress.

Colours That Go With BlueColours That Go With Blue
Blue & Yellow Colour SchemeBlue & Yellow Colour Scheme

3. Blue and Green

Both calming colours from the cool side of the colour spectrum a blue and green pairing is perfect for any space where relaxation is the focus, such as the bedroom. Enhanced with the introduction of white there is a freshness to this scheme that really evokes the idea of bringing the outside in with this palette straight from nature. The soft blue textured wallpaper is the perfect base for the bright green headboard which really pops while the white ground of the curtains reflects the gorgeous natural light.

Blue Colour SchemeBlue Colour Scheme
Blue Colour SchemesBlue Colour Schemes

4. Blue and Orange

Orange is a dynamic colour that boasts many of the same properties as red but in a less aggressive way. Available in shades that are vibrant and strong or soft and muted, it is important to style it alongside a blue of a similar tone.

A deep blue and earthy, burnt orange will create a room that feels cosy and inviting whereas a brighter duo is perfect for creating a more modern space that needs to feel energetic or even playful. Whether cosy or bright, there is no mistaking that this is an attractive pairing.

Blue Colour SchemesBlue Colour Schemes

5. Blue and Neutral

Fresh and soothing, blue and neautral is an elegant colour palette that is popular for bedroom schemes. This pretty pairing of soft airforce blue and mink is brightened further by the inclusion of white.

The neutral scheme here is continued through the use of light wood furniture and on trend natural accessories. Adding a patterned feature wallpaper to an otherwise simple scheme is a quick and easy way to add a designer feel to your space.

6. Blue and White

Graceful and uplifting, the pairing of blue and white feels as natural as the coasts and skylines it evokes. The freshness of this combination creates spaces that feel crisp, bright and airy. It is a palette that lends itself to simple schemes that feel timeless and elegant. By concentrating the blue in the details such as the accessories and trims you will encourage visitors eyes to be drawn to these objects and the contrast between the two colours will be heightened. Adding warmth with wood furniture prevents the look becoming clinical without detracting from the impact this striking two tone scheme offers.

Blue Colour SchemesBlue Colour Schemes
Blue Colour SchemesBlue Colour Schemes

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