Styling Dreamy Blush Pink Tones

9th March 2021

Blush pink room decor uses soft peachy tones that have a subtle and earthy appeal. It is not quite coral and a little too pink to be clay. It is the beautiful in-between shade turning heads (and palettes). It has the ability to inject freshness and light into any home. Take a look at four very different ways to use blush pink to maximum effect.

A Sweet Spot

Blush pink is ideal for creating a young and fun colour scheme. It's the perfect backdrop for a favourite reading spot, nook or small living room.

Pair blush pink with lively pops of colour to create this dynamic space. Aqua or duck egg blue, copper, mustard yellow, and pastel green tones are great.

It's also a great place to playfully mix patterns in interiors. Abstract prints, colourful florals, polka dots and gingham can all hold their own in this space.

Faded Romance

Traditionally, however, blush has often been used to create vintage and shabby chic interiors. The sense of romance is accentuated when used in a faded floral print.

There are also an abundance of complementing plain and patterned fabrics to use alongside these delicate motifs. A small geometric design or casual stripe also looks great.

Complete this look with crisp whites and sheer curtains for an entirely charming space you'll fall in love with.

Soothing Spaces

Blush pink is ideal for creating tranquil and relaxing interiors including nurseries and kids' rooms. This effect can then be amplified by pairing with white and other soft pastel and muted tones.

Blue hues or mauve are cool tones that create a laid back feel when used with blush pink. This can be in patterns or separately for a comfortable space.

Finish the room with neutrals and natural fibers like linen and cotton. They will add a touch of warmth to make the room even more inviting.

Elegant Sophistication

Blush pink is wonderfully versatile is often associated with the brush of youth but can make luxuriously elegant interiors. It works with a range of warm, cool, light, and dark shades.

Pink has also become very popular with ultra-modern interiors and can create an instant impact, even in the palest shades. A blush pink mural wallpaper or textured vinyl is ideal for adding a touch of colour to interiors.

A large pattern that mixes blush pink and grey, in particular, has become a must-have interiors' style. This is true for walls, furnishings, and curtains. Compliment these pieces with plain fabrics in different textures and metallic details for an enviably on-trend home.

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