The Allure of Botanical Motifs

24th August 2021

Botanical print fabric and wallpaper is one interiors trend that is here to stay. From soft furnishings to artworks and even the lush plants themselves, the focus on all-things-green shows no signs of fading. We take a closer look at the allure behind this must-have look...

Botany is the scientific study of plants, and amongst other things, conjures images of the beautiful figurative watercolour paintings associated with botanical illustration. This traditional art form dates back centuries and typically takes the form of highly realistic, exquisite drawings.

They are primarily used to create a record of plant specimens and assist with identification. The craft continues to thrive even with the invention of photography. This is thanks to the human eye's ability to pick up minute yet important details often missed by the lens of a camera. People have the ability to capture and focus on the details of an object and therefore reveal its true beauty. This is perhaps what draws us to using botanical patterns in our interiors today.

We have chosen a selection of plant-focused fabrics and wallpapers that we feel best encompasses the qualities of botanical illustration. There's the superb attention to form, reproduction of colour, and stunning realism capturing the delicacy and detail of plant forms...

Leaves and Ferns

Leaves and fern fabric and wallpaper create a classic pattern, particularly in green on white, cream or neutral. This has since been updated with large botanical prints. The pale background allows for a softer statement pattern that won't overwhelm a room.

The versatility of these foliage motifs means that they can be used in practically any room of a house. Moreover, pairing them with potted plants can truly bring the outdoors in for a celebration of nature.

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Botanical Drawing

Hand-drawn or painterly botanical prints and antiquarian designs bring a vintage touch to an interior. They make the ideal focal point in a room to set the overall tone.

A botanical fabric can be used on curtains and/or upholstery and then repeated on soft furnishings like cushions. This shows off the design and ties the room together. Then it's all about lighting and home accessories to lean into the theme.

A botanical wallpaper, on the other hand, can be updated with re-upholstered furniture. This can be done in plain fabric and build on through modern finishings for a more contemporary feel.

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Fantastical Florals

For an all-out modern interior design scheme, large botanical print fabric and wallpaper makes an immediate impact. New designs provide wonderful patterns and exciting colour combinations to bring rooms to life.

These can be used as a wonderful feature wallpaper, bold curtains and/or show-stopping upholstery. The trick is to pick a secondary colour from the motif and repeat it around the room. This can make the look matching but not overly matchy.

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