Ten Reasons Why a Cushion Is the Perfect Gift

3rd November 2021

Wondering how to please that design-savvy friend or the person who seems to have everything? Cushions not only make beautiful home accessories, they’re also thoughtful. They are the perfect personal gifts that friends and family can enjoy for years to come. Here are ten reasons for why cushions are the perfect gift…

1. There’s Always Room for Beautiful Cushions

No matter the size of your home, there’s always room for a cushion or two to brighten the interiors. There's window seats, fireside nooks, desk chairs or hallway benches.

Though they don’t take up much room, cushions have the ability to lift a scheme. They provide a small but effective eye-catching detail. Outdoor cushions can also be used on the go. Bring them along for picnics, car journeys or simply out in the garden.

2. Picking Personalised Cushions

Do you know someone who’s a keen gardener? Are they an avid explorer? A lover of all things nautical? To really make your loved ones smile, why not choose a cushion design based on their favourite hobby or interest?

Some favourites are animals and florals. The surface of a cushion is also the perfect canvas for a landscape scene. Consider a countryside vignette that can be enjoyed even on the gloomiest of days.

3. You Can Customise Cushions

Opting for a custom cushions allows you to choose the backing fabric as well as adding a trim. Contrasting piping or fringed edge will really make your cushion stand out. Whilst, gimps and braids can be applied across the surface of a plain fabric for a truly original piece.

4. There's Plenty of Cushions for Children

If you’re buying a gift for a child, why not consider a playful kids cushion as a present? There's a variety of designs suitable for all ages. Alphabet embroideries will have them reaching out for the whimsical designs that’ll make them giggle. Or opt for a more subtle print that will sit well even in teenage bedrooms.

5. There’s Two Sides to Most Cushions

Many ready-made cushions have a plain or semi-plain reverse in contrast to their patterned front. You can also choose this option when creating a custom cushion. This effectively gives you two cushions in one, allowing you to swap depending on the room or season.

6. They're the Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers

Floor cushions are a wonderful present for a dog or cat owner. They provide a comfy spot for their pet whilst doubling up as a stylish accessory.

Large floor cushions like the Kasbar Indoor-Outdoor Floor Cushions are best for this purpose. Their soft yet hard-wearing composition is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Just one more reason to feel good about giving this year.

7. Art-lovers Will Rejoice

Much like a canvas on a blank wall, a patterned cushion against a plain sofa or neutral bedspread can be a work of art. Injecting colour and cheer into the home, with the sheer variety of fabrics on offer, it’s simply a case of finding a style that suits their personality.

8. They Complement Home Furnishings

The process of adding finishing touches such as cushions can often be neglected when decorating a whole room from scratch. That's why receiving one as a gift is so lovely.

If there’s a certain wallpaper or paint colour you wish to complement, we will gladly help you to find the perfect match. Or you can choose a fabric that you love and we will make a tailor-made cushion to your requirements.

9. You Can Play It Safe With Plains

If you’re not sure which pattern or colour to go for, consider opting for a plain cushion in a soft shade to complement your interior scheme. With a choice of fabrics to choose from, plain cushions needn’t be boring. There's velvets and chenilles that make for a tactile surface, plus adding a leather or fabric decorative trimming can result in a subtle yet smart finish without going overboard.

Plain cushions are guaranteed to complement existing furnishings whatever they may be, while at the same time providing addded style and comfort to the room. 

10. There’s a Cushion for Everyone

There’s a cushion to please all tastes and giving one as a gift can really help transform a house into a home.

Whether you are looking for a timeless piece that will endure, or a bold statement print to keep up with the lastest trends, our range of ready made cushions and made to measure cushions will help you to add those perfect finishing touches to your room.

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