Fruity Designs For Your Home

14th July 2022

Surrounded by all these lovely fruity designs, it’s no wonder we are craving some natural sweetness at F&P.  Whilst we look to quench our thirst in the sweltering Summer heat here in Sussex, we have been admiring the variety of fruit themed wallpapers and fabrics we have to offer.

In 2017 we wrote about the latest fruit trend taking over: The Pomegranate. This time our fruit basket is well and truly filled to the brim with an array of mouth-watering fruit designs, from citrus fruit fabrics to charming strawberry wallpaper.

Take a look at our home styling guide on how your home can get it’s five a day!

Citrus Fruit Designs

‘Oranges and Lemons says the bells of F&P Interiors’

These zesty designs are ideal for adding a pop of yellow to your interiors scheme, a colour that pairs beautifully with blue! Lemon fabrics make for a particularly refreshing roman or relaxed blind that would work well in a kitchen, whilst a vibrant orange tree wallpaper is sure to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your home.

Lemon Fruit WallpaperLemon Fruit Wallpaper
Fruit Design WallpaperFruit Design Wallpaper
Lemon WallpaperLemon Wallpaper
Lemon FabricLemon Fabric

Berry Designs

The sweetest and most idyllic of the fruit families, berries have had us inspired in design since the beginning. As if nature designed these fruits with intentions for them to lead the way in pretty prints, to hang and upholster our homes with. Small but never mistaken, strawberries never go amiss when incorporated in pattern. They bring a playful innocence to a print, taking us back to childhood and the great English countryside. Incorporating them into your interiors scheme would add a pop of warmth and brighten any space with the charming red and pink tones.

Fruity Design WallpaperFruity Design Wallpaper
Fruity Design FabricFruity Design Fabric
Strawberry WallpaperStrawberry Wallpaper
Strawberry Fabric DesignStrawberry Fabric Design

Pineapple Designs

Arguably the most stylish fruit of the lot, the pineapple has stood high on a pedestal since we can remember. These fruits give off attitude and confidence, which will translate to an interior space instantly. Printed in bold colours palettes or kept to smart neutrals these designs always make an impression. Fabrics used as accents such as made to measure cushions or wallpapers making a statement, pineapples have many qualities to offer in interior design.

Fruity DesignsFruity Designs
Fruity Outdoor FabricFruity Outdoor Fabric
Pineapple CushionsPineapple Cushions
Pineapple Wallpaper For WallsPineapple Wallpaper For Walls

Pomegranate Designs

The pomegranate has undertaken a huge growth in popularity over the last few years, perfect for embellishing clothes, accessories and artwork, as well as home furnishings. Like most fruity motifs, pomegranates add a playful, light-hearted and visually striking edge, and in warm hues of red, pink and orange will be a welcoming addition to any setting. Add a busy pomegranate print in the form of an accent against a plain backdrop, or opt for a grand embroidery to really emphasise this sumptuous motif...

Pomegranate Wallpaper For WallsPomegranate Wallpaper For Walls
Pomegranate FabricPomegranate Fabric
Pomegranate Trail WallpaperPomegranate Trail Wallpaper
Fruity Fabric DesignsFruity Fabric Designs

Hanging Fruit Designs

The ultimate fruit prints are the ones that feature them all in one! More is more when it comes to hanging fruit patterns, layered texture and colour designed around the luscious setting of a fruit tree. Hanging like bells from the branches or wrapped in a twisted vine, these beautiful prints would elevate a room’s look with little effort. Plum tones meet ruby reds and emerald greens, creating a warm and inviting design to feature on your prize armchair or stand a lone through their intensity as a feature wall in a number of rooms. 

Fruit Design WallpaperFruit Design Wallpaper
Fruits WallpaperFruits Wallpaper
On Trend Fruity WallpaperOn Trend Fruity Wallpaper

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