Seven Colour Combinations that Look Great with Green

12th May 2023

One of the popular interior colours, green, is extremely versatile and can be styled alongside other colours to suit any style of home. A calming tone that is closely associated with nature, growth and fertility, green helps to create a room that feels serene and grounded. From pistachio and sage, to bold grass green this colour makes the ideal choice for walls, home accessories, furniture and curtains. 

Whether you're decorating your living room or bedroom, it appears that green is set to stay, and styling a colour alongside it will allow you to create an attractive and exciting new look. Join our Design Director, Emma as she creates a charming cottage scheme with her favourite combination, and read on to discover our guide on what combinations that Look great with green....

1. Green and Blue

If you are looking for a colour combination that brings energy to a space, this magnificent sapphire blue and emerald green scheme shows how this powerful duo complements one-another beautifully. Commonly found paired in nature, these precious jewel tones appear side-by-side where the sky meets the grass, as palms arch towards the ocean and on the delicate feathers of a peacocks train.

A textural blend of luxury velvets and printed linens, the generous seating in this welcoming living room celebrates the character of these fabrics through its bold upholstery and plump accent cushions. The aegean blue painted walls add a chalky backdrop that contrasts beautifully against the decorative cornicing and windows, which are framed by matching roman blinds in the ever popular Carnival fabric. Further tied together by the blue striped fabric featured on the footstool, this opulent scheme works so well in this space as it is flooded with light which helps to balance the richness of its greens and blues.  

2. Green and Yellow

Sitting beside each other in the colour wheel, green and yellow is a scheme that instantly injects joy into a room. From earthy mustard to zesty lemon, yellow adds a warmth to the vibrancy of green. When styled together they create spaces with infectious energy, making it a favourable colourway to feature in our homes. A firm favourite that has stood the test of time, this delightful collaboration is found across the British countryside. Parks filled with daffodils, fields carpeted with rapeseed, these beautiful scenes have inspired many interior designers, including William Morris, to produce fabrics and wallpapers featuring this popular pairing.

Commonly styled in country cottages and modern country homes, the beauty of this pairing is that they sit very naturally together. For a timeless look, choose a gentle motif that features both colours within it. Softer yellows paired with olive greens or sage will rally a cheerfulness, but won't overpower or feel too bright within its traditional setting. However, if you are looking to fully embrace this spirited duo, we suggest creating bold areas of colour around your room. Whether that be painted walls, statement upholstery, oversized headboards or full length curtains, each colour can hold its own and will work to complement the other.

3. Green and Grey

The perfect combination of botanical and neutral, green and grey work together in harmony to create calm and serene interiors. A refreshing duo that feels light and weightless, it is an effective coupling if you are looking to make your room appear bigger, brighter and more spacious. This youthful living room is a fine example of how using lighter tones in a room can still feel rich and colourful. Playing with size and pattern, the large-scale geometric wallpaper in pistachio green is featured across all four walls which make them appear broader. The contrasting grey and white curtain fabric also works to draw your eyes down, making the windows appear taller.

The green and grey colour scheme continues in the assortment of cushions that feature a mixture of apple green geometrics and a luscious botanical print. Scattered along the marl grey sofa, this plain fabric provides an uninterrupted canvas for the green cushions to contrast against. Metallic furnishings and a pop of coral pink adds a touch of warmth and ties this well-considered scheme together.

Green Colour SchemesGreen Colour Schemes
Green Colour SchemesGreen Colour Schemes

4. Green and Red

Opposite each other on the colour wheel, green and red make an excellent partnership. Often associated with the 'most wonderful time of the year,' when styled well together, they can make for a striking, year-round look. To avoid your living space looking too festive, make green the dominant colour and add red as an accent. A large piece of furniture or oversized headboard upholstered in your favourite eclectic fabric will make the ultimate design statement.

Green Colour SchemesGreen Colour Schemes

5. Green and White

Refreshing, crisp and gleaming, there is nothing quite like a green and white interior to re-energise the soul. A neutral partner that is purely there to enhance, the white pieces in this scheme add shape and form, while the mixture of patterned fabrics and wallpaper add personality. An uplifting duo that looks especially smart in bathrooms or bedrooms, as it's in these spaces that you start and end your day; so why not make them as nourishing as possible!

6. Green and Pink

A trend that continues to be popular year on year, pink and green is a very desirable colour couplet to feature in the home. Two powerful colours that evoke strong responses, combining them creates good-looking spaces that charm and delight. The colour of life, vitality and growth, green is bursting with energy whilst pink on the other hand neutralises it. Each with a wide spectrum of colours that marry together to form an infinite number of combinations, their versatility is the reason why pink and green interiors work so well.

A clever example of how you can bring out the character of a colour through interior design, this bedroom features a sweeping, dark emerald green wallpaper with a flocked leaf design, that energetically climbs the four walls. Softly framed by the light pink paint around the windows and on the shutters, the blush pink velvet upholstery and cosy coral pink throw adds a tenderness and textures into the scheme. The drama of the wallpaper is counteracted by the serenity of the pink which re-establishes a sense of balance across the overall look.

Green Colour SchemesGreen Colour Schemes

6. Green and Orange

A zesty combination that packs a punch when it comes to creating an interior WOW, green and orange is a powerful duo to master. But when done well, it creates a stunning scheme that feels energetic and youthful. Best used together in rooms that are flooded with light to help to temper this feisty pairing, this beautiful hotel room by Kit Kemp is a great example of how you can balance these two perfectly. 

Using orange as the dominant colour; across the walls, within the curtains and across the headboard, the designer has cleverly used the deeper shade of green in the lower half of the room. This helps to ground the whole space, plus by using the same shade that features in the stunning headboard fabric, the whole scheme is tied together. Divided by crisp white linen and light grey and cream furnishings, this beautiful bedroom is a true celebration of the warmer months all year round.

Green Decor IdeasGreen Decor Ideas

Image credit Kit Kemp for Crosby Street - Firmdale Hotels

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