Stylish Hallway Decor Ideas that Make an Entrance

23rd October 2023

Your hallway is the first thing that greets you as you open the door and the last thing you look at as your leave for the day. It's so much more than a transitional space that connects the outdoors to inside, and it is often one of the most utilized parts of the house. No matter if you live in a city apartment or a spacious home in the country, your hallway offers visitors their first impression of your home. Read on to discover our favourite inspirational hallway designs as first impressions really do count!

Painted Hallway Ideas

Painting your hallway is a relatively simple but effective way of transforming your entranceway. Instantly giving tired interiors a lift, a fresh coat of paint not only makes interiors feel brighter, it is also a great way to accentuate beautiful features in your home.

Our extensive range of wall and floor paints from the leading designer brands offers a rainbow of colours to choose from that will suit your home, whatever its interior style. From Little Greene’s traditional palette inspired by the Natural Trust properties, to modern day colour trends such as the popular Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball and Mushroom Half by Zoffany; all our paints are mixed in the UK using the finest quality ingredients and are available in a variety of finishes to suit walls, ceilings and woodwork.

Adding complementary colours to your skirting and panelling will give your interiors an extra injection of style and it’s a great way to feature more than one colour in your scheme. Decorative entrance tiles or a patterned rug are a great source of inspiration for building your colour scheme and our expert design team are always on hand to advise you on matching paint colours in your home.

Hallway Wallpaper Ideas

If you are looking to create an entrance way with a real wow factor, then adding wallpaper is an effective decorative trick to add instantaneous character, colour and pattern to your home. With a huge range of designs and styles to choose from, we have papers to suit every type of property.

Hanging designer wallpaper will make your entranceway feel welcoming and offers guests a great first impression of your home. An extension of your personality, choosing your favourite wallpaper will make your home unique to those who live there. It also helps to establish your entranceway as an additional room, rather than a transient space which in turn will make your whole home feel bigger and more spacious.

Floral Wallpaper for Hallways

The joy of featuring floral wallpaper in your hallway is that they connect it to the outdoors, breathing a fresh and airy feeling into your entranceway. From delicate botanical prints to bold blowsy blooms, our wide range of floral wallpapers will each bring colour and pattern to your walls. A timeless motif that continues to be one of our most popular wallpaper designs, these cheerful blossoms will continue to brighten up your home, no matter the season.

Geometric Wallpaper for Hallways

Geometric wallpapers look incredible in an entranceway as their sharp angular shapes juxtapose beautifully against the smooth curve of a staircase or the horizontal lines of the banisters. Often thought of as a contemporary design to suit modern day homes, geometrics can actually look just as wonderful in a traditional setting.

Medium scale patterns in neutral or darker tones will suit country homes and work well in hallways with high ceilings as the pattern repeats up the walls. On the other hand, colourful, large-scale geometric wallpapers will are great for creating a high impact  feature wall. Perfect for a small hallway that feels narrow, a bold geometric can help to distract visitors from its snug dimensions. Adding crisp white paintwork will also help to make your entranceway feel brighter and more open.


Leaf and Tree Wallpaper for Hallways

Similarly to featuring florals in your home, leaf and tree wallpapers also act as an extension of the outdoors, making them another popular design to feature in your hallway. These evergreen prints are often brimming with shape and form which add movement and texture to your walls. Inventing a scene that can be explored with your eyes, you can be transported to an ancient woodland in the English countryside or across a tropical jungle in the depths of the Amazon.

Depending on the interior look you are wanting to create, opt for lighter colourways or a singular tone to keep things feeling fresh and more traditional. Alternatively dive into our multi-tonal, modern designs to create a space that feels more intimate and maximalist in style.

Bird Wallpaper for Hallways

Charming and timeless bird print wallpaper has always been a popular design when decorating our homes. Indulging in our love affair with these feather friends, having them perched daintily on branches or flying gracefully across our walls is a sight to behold as you enter your door. With a huge range of designs to choose from, including larger scale murals like the ever popular Edo design, or more traditional styles like Adams Eden, this enduring motif stands the test of time and will elevate your hallway décor.

Hallway Decor Ideas Hallway Decor Ideas

Striped Wallpaper for Hallways

We couldn’t talk about hallway decor ideas without featuring our favourite; the stripe. The ultimate designer trick to add height and sense of space in the home, we are confident that we can find a stripe to fit seamlessly into your existing interior scheme. Smart and understated yet timelessly stylish, our striped wallpaper collection features designs of all sizes and colours to suit the look you aspire to achieve.

Traditional Hallway Wallpaper

Although many designs mentioned above would suit a traditional home, there are a couple of classic patterns that look magnificent if you have the hallway to house them. Tree of life is a historic floral motif with the earliest examples dating back to the 17th century. A busy pattern that climbs the walls, the interlinking branches continuously ascend through the design. Perfect for featuring in hallways that are graced with a wide open staircase and high ceilings, this traditional design will guide you and your guests inside and through into your home.

Created to imitate the woven patterns of tapestries, Damask wallpaper also looks wonderful in a hallway setting. One of the best known historical wallpaper patterns, they add grandeur and elegance to your entranceway. Designed to overwhelm the wall on which they are hung, these beautiful ornate patterns are best suited to larger proportioned spaces. Rich and dark, often with metallic detailing, there are designs on the market to honour all ages of home. We can help you to find the perfect pattern to suit when your property was built and the interior style you love.

Dressing Your Hallway

As your hallway is the first space that greets you as you enter your home, it is important to make it feel welcoming and homely. Adding personal touches and knick-knacks will add character to your entranceway and gives guests a taster of who it is that lives there. Furnishings will add comfort as well as practical solutions, and are important for creating an entranceway that flows. Guiding visitors through to the rest of your home, they can also work to help you manage the busy activity of an active household.

Entrance Chairs for Hallways

A practical spot for placing your bag or tying your shoelace, if you have room for an occasional chair or bench, they are a great excuse for featuring a favourite fabric into your hallway scheme. All our F&P occasional chairs can be covered in any of our upholstery fabrics which are hardwearing to cope with frequent use. We can also advise on finishing details and trimmings to personalise your piece to make it stand out as a feature in your hallway.


Hallway Decor Ideas Hallway Decor Ideas

Framed Artwork for Hallways

Our carefully curated collection of framed prints features individual designs to embellish you walls and enhance your hallway scheme. Available in a range of sizes, each piece will arrive ready to hang in your entranceway. A good source of inspiration for a colour scheme, featuring a favourite piece of artwork is a great place to start when building a colour palette from scratch.


Hallway Decor Ideas Hallway Decor Ideas

Hallway Curtains for Hallways

If you are lucky enough to have a window in your hallway, adding a pair of statement curtains can help to show them off. Designed in the fabric that you love, our made to measure curtains are measured to exactly fit your windows. Plus with over 20 years in the business, we understand the finer details to make them perfect for your home.

Lighting for Hallways

Good lighting is essential for hallways, especially if they lack natural light. Wall sconces, pendant lights, or a stylish table lamp will help to illuminate the space and will also add colour and form to your hallway. You could also consider motion-activated or smart lighting for added convenience.

When decorating your hallway, remember that the goal is to create a space that is both functional and visually appealing, while also reflecting the unique personality of your home. Whether you are planning to revamp your entire entranceway, or are looking to add some personality through some stylish accessories, we have everything you need to create a stylish hallway in your home.

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