The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Perfect Lampshade

30th March 2023

Choosing the perfect lampshade can transform a forgotten corner into a cosy nook, or a lifeless wall into a work of art. But finding the perfect union between lamp and lampshade can sometimes be tricky. A reciprocal relationship of scale, pattern and proportion, a lampshade must physically fit its surroundings whilst also complementing the base it sits on. With a wide range of shapes to consider, each with their own personality, we’ve identified the most popular styles and how to best feature them in your home…

Gathered Lampshades

Nothing adds texture quite like a gathered lampshade. A style that is often seen in country homes and cosy cottages, these pretty lampshades are perfect for showcasing your favourite fabric atop a traditional table lamp or wall light. When choosing your material, remember that some of the design will be hidden within the pleats, so opt for a fabric with a smaller scale. We recommend block printed florals, polka dots and colourful ikats if you would like to inject some cheerful colour into your room. However, if your home is more traditional, we suggest choosing a plain linen or luxurious silk for a timeless look.

Shaped Lampshades

Enjoying a recent revival, shaped lampshades are becoming a popular accessory to feature in our homes. Old-fashioned scalloped and fluted designs have been reinvigorated to suit modern day interiors, with shades now available in a broad choice of shapes, sizes and fabrics. A decorative lampshade with a chameleon-like character, they can be paired with a variety of different bases to suit range of interior styles.

Embellished Lampshades

If you are looking for a statement shade that commands centre stage, then an embellished lampshade will do just that. Think patterned velvets, printed linens and decorative trims, these playful shades look especially wonderful in eclectic interiors. Depending on your interior look, our off the shelf designs arrive pre-adorned and ready to place atop your favourite lamp base. Or if you have an existing shade that needs a bit of a 'style lift', our exciting range of designer trimmings will have just the thing! From pom poms and beads, to decorate braids and colourful fringe, you can create a truly unique design feature that is personal to you and your home.

Plain Lampshades

Simple silhouettes with clean lines, if you are looking for a shade to complement a modern home, a plain lampshade is what we would recommend. Paired with a statement glass or acrylic base, the role of the lampshade is to enhance, rather than overpower, whilst adding colour and texture to the room. If your home has a contemporary feel, we would suggest indulging in a plain silk fabric with a subtle sheen, and opting for a metallic lining to give it a lovely, rich glow when lit. However, if your home is more Urban Chic, a natural linen lampshade will look smart, yet more understated in comparison.

Box Pleat Lampshades

Delightful lampshades that feel quintessentially British, box pleat shades exude charm and add character to your home. Perfectly placed in a modern country interior, this fun style adds softness to your table lamp with its empire silhouette and oversized pleats. Most endearing when the fabric matches its charming character, we would suggest choosing a ditsy floral or a playful motif that is small in scale. Also very attractive in a medium striped, these shades can be bought ready to place, or made by our bespoke team, based here in Sussex .

Ratan Lampshades

Another design seeing a rise in popularity is the humble rattan lampshade. Casting a cosy glow as the light cascades out through the gaps in the weave, the natural beauty of the wicker paired with a colourful candlestick base is our favourite way to style them. An eco-friendly offering that will create a talking point in your home, their simplicity makes them suited to a number of different interior styles. From a modest table lampshade placed on a cottage dresser, to these stunning ceiling pendants that command your full attention in this contemporary setting, we couldn't resist including these highly sought-after lampshade designs.

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