How to Measure for a Headboard

10th May 2019

Our guide on how to measure for a headboard will teach you how to get the perfect size bedhead, whatever your bed size. Then it's the fun part, picking the fabric, shape, and style features.

Here's everything you need to know about how to measure for a headboard.

Measuring For A Headboard: Tips and Tricks

Standard bed size terms like 'single' and 'double' aren't always as precise as you'd want. It's best to measure for yourself to get the perfect headboard size.

Try measuring across the bed base, rather than the mattress, for the most accurate results.

Headboard Measuring Guide

Measuring the Bed Width

The width of the bed base will give you the width of the headboard.

How To Measure For a Headboard How To Measure For a Headboard

Measuring Headboard Height

The headboard height, on the other hand, should be decided based on your taste. You may want a more traditional finish. Alternatively, you may be looking for a tall headboard as a statement piece and the focal point of your bedroom.

The traditional size for a singe bed is 67 cms in height. A double or king size headboard is 75 cms - 100 cms.

Either way, first measure from the top of the mattress upward to the height you want. Then, measure the depth of the mattress. This will inform later stylistic options.

Headboard Fixing Options

Wall Mounted

A wall mounted headboard is particularly recommended for larger pieces, 180 cms works well. These are secured with wall fixings to lie directly on the wall.

Top tip: be advised that headboard needs to fit into your home, this includes through the front door, the bedroom doorway, and around any corners. There's also a guide on how to measure for furniture delivery if you're in any doubt.

Be aware that extra fixings or lighter weight materials may be required for plasterboard walls. This, however, does not need to diminish from the quality of your finished headboard. Simply, inform your headboard maker before you purchase and later, your installer.

Bed/Frame Mounted

A bed mounted headboard uses struts. These line-up with the bolts on the back of your bed as they are standard sized (in the UK).

Made To Measure Headboard From F&P Interiors

Bespoke headboards are unique home furnishings that are made to your specifications. F&P Interiors offer a handmade service and fitting. Once you pick your specifications you can request a quote.

Headboard Fabric

First choose your headboard fabric that fits your taste and interior. You can also try it first by ordering a sample on that fabric's page.

The most popular choices are velvetchenillewoolfaux suede, and tartan. Remember to include the name of the fabric you have chosen and the colour reference when you request a quote.

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Headboard Shapes

Then you can consider the headboard shape that will best suit your bedroom. These include square corners, rounded corners, arc, cut away corners, serpentine or shaped.

There's also a bespoke option. You might consider a tiled headboard over a solid one. Likewise, you may want it to be winged or have a larger pillow stop. All you need do is ask. There is a section for these specifications on the quote form.

How To Measure For A Headboard How To Measure For A Headboard

Headboard Style

There's then the option for further customisation like buttons. You can be even more exact with how many buttons or requesting a tufted headboard (buttons forming diamonds with the fabric).

There's also a choice of borders whether you like piping, an inset border or a fabric trim. Once you've made your choices you'll need to enter your details.

Custom Headboard Measurements

To get a quote for a custom headboard you need all the aforementioned measurements. These include from the top of the mattress to the top of the headboard, the height of the mattress, and the width of the bed.

Then you will also need to measure from the floor to the base of the bed. Now you're ready!

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