How to Measure for Roller Blinds

24th September 2017

This quick and easy guide answers the question: how to measure for roller blinds? This is all the information you need for ordering made to measure blinds. These measurements can then be given to us at F&P Interiors when you request a quote for roman blinds.

Decide where you will fit the brackets; it can either sit inside the recess, on the frame itself, or above the window frame.


Recess Width

  • Measure the inside of the recess in three places; top, middle and bottom. You will need to give us the narrowest width. Confirm your measurement as inside recess width, and we will allow for 1cm to avoid friction when pulling the blind up or down.

Blinds Width

  • Measure the full width of the window frame if the blind is to be fitted to the window frame or if the blind is hung outside the recess. Add a further 7 cms either side to help minimalise light seepage. Please confirm this measurement as outside recess width.  Your blind will be made to this exact width.


Measure from the top of where you will fit the brackets to your finish point, i.e full length of the recess or the full length of the window frame. For outside the recess we would advise to add 10-15cms to your length if you want to minimise light seepage.

If you are unsure on where best to fit your blind, or which type of blind would be best suited to your window please email us, ideally including a photo of your window, and a member of our knowledgeable team will be able to help.


Standard rollers are great for inside or outside the recess, as the fabric will sit closer to the window, whereas reverse roll is more suited if you have a deep inside recess. Please note that certain fabrics can't be reverse rolled so please check with us before you place your order.

Made To Measure Roller Blinds

With thousands of designer fabrics to choose from, we create unique and beautiful made to order pieces for your home. Our roller blinds provide a stylish and simple finish for windows. They are also a practical choice for smaller rooms where you don't want anything too overpowering. Our blinds are created by a special form of laminating and can be blackout lined if required.