De-mystifying Wide-Width Wallpaper

12th October 2020

This guide on how to use wide-width wallpaper is sure to inspire you to add these stand out wallpaper designs in your home. They're perfect for creating an impact, work wonderfully in hallways and are the ideal complement to high ceilings.

Don’t be afraid to use a wide width wallpaper in your home interiors scheme, their grand scale means fewer joins and allows for a greater pattern flow. Here are three types of wide-width wallpaper that are a testament to the power of these wallcoverings.

Three Ways to Style Wide-Width Wallpaper

Big Patterned Wallcoverings

Wide Width Wallpaper GuideWide Width Wallpaper Guide
Travelling Light Wallpaper
How To Use Wide-Width WallpaperHow To Use Wide-Width Wallpaper
Bosky Wallpaper
How To Use Wide-Width WallpaperHow To Use Wide-Width Wallpaper
Verdure Wallpaper
Guide To Wide Width WallpaperGuide To Wide Width Wallpaper
Adam's Eden Wallpaper

The larger size of wide-width wallpaper allows for bigger patterns that make a statement in interiors. Whether modern or traditional, painterly designs continue to be on-trend in this area. They add an artistic touch to walls that instantly adds interest to the space.

There are, however, many stunning scenes including seascapes, mountains, and rural landscapes. Whereas, large florals and geometric patterns are perfect for breathing life into shared spaces.

Neutral tones are the ideal basis for building a room and balancing the large design. Whereas, adding even more art work on top of these fantastic patterns can then build an eclectic look. It can then be taken one step further through a mixture of patterned fabric.

Colourful Creations

How To Use Wide-Width WallpaperHow To Use Wide-Width Wallpaper
Volutes Wallpaper
Guide To Wide WallpapersGuide To Wide Wallpapers
Dragon Dance Wallpaper
How To Use Wide-Width WallpaperHow To Use Wide-Width Wallpaper
Squawk Wallpaper
How To Use Wide-Width WallpaperHow To Use Wide-Width Wallpaper
Atmosfera Wallpaper

A bigger canvas also offers the opportunity to experiment with colour. Rich tones and bold hues make wonderful accompaniments to these patterns.

feature wall is one of the easiest ways to use this look without overpowering a room. Otherwise, imaginations can run wild.

Wide-width wallpaper makes high traffic areas come to life like in stairwells and hallways. They are also incredibly useful when there's limited floor space for furnishings. They add depth to the walls without taking up any more space. Often, nothing else is needed alongside these fabulous wallcoverings.

If they are being used in more living rooms and bedrooms, however, picking out colours from the design can tie the room together. These tones can be repeated on curtains, furniture and cushions for an eye-catching room.

Totally Textured Wallpaper

Textured wide-width wallpaper adds even more depth to interiors. Many popular designs have been inspired by fabric or are in fact woven. These include wide-width vinyl wallpaper, grasscloth and raffia.

The 3D-effect created by these wallcoverings often has a modern look that's ideal for updating interiors from any period. There's simple multitoned patterns, marvellous metallics, and patterns on top of the textures.

Whether you're going full contemporary styling with minimalist furniture or all-out maximalist, there's a design available.