Luxury Lantern Pendants to Light up Your Home

22nd July 2024

A time-honoured style that has been lighting homes for hundreds of years, lantern pendant lighting has always been a popular choice when decorating one’s home. With many countries across the globe having their own take on the hanging lantern, this luxury pendant has evolved over time to embrace many shapes and forms. From long established designs dating back to Victorian times to modern hanging lanterns that sit firmly in the present, we have chosen the top luxury lantern ceiling lights available right now that will look spectacular in your home...

Lantern Pendant LightingLantern Pendant Lighting

Traditional Lantern Pendants

With the first lantern pendant lighting dating back to the 19th Century with the introduction of public street lanterns in 1807, todays traditional style pendant lights are still honouring the designs of the past. Cast from brass, zinc or iron, the decorative frames are finished with a black coating or left in their raw form. Featuring glass panes that imitate Victorian gas lamps or elegant bowls that replicate Georgian oil lamps, these time-honoured shapes are perfect for those wanting to compliment original features of a historical property. Popular to feature both inside and outside the house, the clusters of candle-like bulbs create a warm and ambient light that beautifully illuminates your home.

Black Ceiling LanternBlack Ceiling Lantern
Exterior Lantern LightsExterior Lantern Lights

Modern Lantern Pendants

If you are looking for a more contemporary look then there are lots of modern lantern pendant lighting to choose from. Featuring both clear and semi-opaque glass, they are more shapely and feature clean lines with minimal decoration. The metal work is often polished with popular finishes including chrome, silver and gold. These lustrous finishes help to bounce the light around the room for a brighter illumination. With styles to suit a variety of different areas of the home, kitchen lantern pendent lights have become especially popular positioned above kitchen islands or over a dining table.

Metrallic Ceiling LanternMetrallic Ceiling Lantern
Modern Lantern Ceiling LanternModern Lantern Ceiling Lantern

Artisan Lantern Pendants

If you are looking to create an entrance with a bit of a wow factor, then a Moroccan lantern ceiling light or a globe lantern pendant light makes for a wonderful hallway pendant light. Inspired by designs around the world, their beautiful forms and exquisite decorations demand attention. Doubling as a piece of art, they draw admiring eyes upwards to appreciate their exquisite craftmanship. Often designed to cast decorative rays of light when lit, Artisan lanterns will change the ambience of a space from day to night and are a great way to add personality to your home.

Lantern Pendant Lights For HallwayLantern Pendant Lights For Hallway
Moroccan Lantern Pendant LightMoroccan Lantern Pendant Light

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