Smart Modern Country Sitting Room with Modular Sofa

9th September 2022

A bright and comfortable living room featuring statement wall art that pulls the whole scheme together. The colourful mix of pink and yellow fabrics energetically pop against the light grey upholstery and neutral walls. Offering a cheerful display of pattern and texture, the fabric cushions and floor-length curtains complement one another whilst framing the statement footstool that stands proudly in the centre of the room.

Pink and Yellow Living Room Ideas Pink and Yellow Living Room Ideas

(Main image from Davide Lovatti for Ideal Home.)

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Walls, Rug and Lighting

A light creamy Mist neutral paint for the walls.

Ravenna Fabric is perfect for full-length curtains as the colour ties in perfectly with the rest of the room. The trellis pattern is eye-catching when drawn but also lovely when pulled open. 

Great substantial wooden Verona Table Lamps in white wash finish, using Matmi lampshade to add a final pop of colour and touch of pattern to the console table.

Sofa and Footstool

An Ashurst Corner Sofa can be built to fit a room, so it can add a further corner to make this U-shape. It looks great in Sahara soft red faux suede upholstery fabric.

Our Large Nuthurst Stool upholstered in the vibrant Benaki Linen will perfectly recreate the striking feature footstall at the heart of this comfortable living room.


A selection of different sized cushions in various fabrics. Nantes and Shaker Chic on larger cushions. Then Feather Fan and Figured Linen on smaller ones.

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