Living Room in Grey with Accents of Yellow

21st September 2023

The yellow in this room is transformative. The focal point being the picture and then everything else falls into place. The rug creates the seating area and keeps it tight so you can move around easily without compromising the overall look. Contemporary interiors are all about large modular sofas, though here they have used large ottomans and a modern chair to fill the seating area. The lighting is key too, with high ceilings it helps to fill the void between floor and ceiling, to have tall floor lamps and long hanging lights.

Modern Grey and Yellow Living Room Modern Grey and Yellow Living Room

Get the Look

Walls and Curtains

A fresh, sligthly off-white, Architects White is the perfect white paint for interiors.

Simple off-white light linen curtains, this Glazed Linen hangs beautifully and, being glazed, adds a little elegence to the room.

This understated yet stylish Sesia Pendant would look striking displayed as a cluster and help to bring the eye down from the high ceilings.


The Eberson Rug continues the colour scheme. Make sure it is the right size to fit under the seating, creating its own area.

A striking piece of art to create the focal point of this room, it helps draw you away from the kitchen area and keeps you in the living room.

This Tripod Floor Lamp adds the height to this room, juxaposing the painting, it keeps your eyes at the same level to enjoy it.


Here they have used two ottomans cleverly arranged to form a corner unit. Create the same look with the Ashurst Corner Sofa. We suggest a smart Blackjack Wool to cover them.

Large cushions are perfect to snuggle back into but kept smart in glossy fabrics. We love Misa Moire in saffron yellow and Upton Silk in a complementary stripe to really set the room alight.

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