Pantone Colour of The Year 2023: Viva Magenta Interiors

9th January 2023

Viva Magenta 18-1750 has been announced as Pantone 2023 colour of the year. Velvety in tone whilst emitting vibrancy and warmth, Viva Magenta will entice you in. Not a pink lover? This colour could quite possibly charm you to the pink side. A joyful and optimistic colour that can be seen in nature in the most beautiful of flowers.

Pantone created this colour reflecting on the time post-pandemic, where people around the world were looking for a new signal of strength to guide them back to their original lifestyles. This colour vibrates the courage and fearlessness we seek in this transitional year. It celebrates hopefulness and motivation that delivers us back to our outside worlds, where we connect back to our communities and the natural world with a new-found appreciation.

A punchy hot pink that makes you want to sink into its depth and richness. Far from subtle, this colour will hold centre stage, proudly in design and sit beautifully with cool mints or warm oranges. This Godmother of pink will enrich a space instantly when used in wallpaper or soft furnishings. Sumptuous velvets and chenille would hold this colour wonderfully and mimic the depth of the magenta in their surface texture. 

Viva Magenta is a powerful colour that translates gloriously into home interiors. Read on to discover our favourite fabrics and wallpapers and how you can best style them in your home…

Styling Viva Magenta Wallpaper:

Viva Magenta is a beautiful shade to use for building a feminine room scheme, setting the wallpaper colour as the foundation for a bedroom or powder room. Or balance its richness with a teal paint alongside it or a peaceful neutral.

This colour can create a bold look when used as a solid ground. Bringing the walls into the space, enclosing a warmth around the rest of the room. If incorporating magenta amongst pattern or mixing with other colours, the wallpaper comes alive with movement and rhythm. See the examples below to learn how you can use Viva Magenta on your walls.

Pantone Colour 2023 WallpaperPantone Colour 2023 Wallpaper
Pantone Colour 2023 WallpaperPantone Colour 2023 Wallpaper

Styling Viva Magenta Fabrics:

You might agree this collection of magenta fabrics is an absolute delightful! This colour seems to have a transformative effect on design. When used with organic floral or leaf designs, it heightens the beauty of the forms and reminds us just how breath-taking our natural world can be. Then, when printed within a more contemporary stripe or geometric, it sits boldly making these, usually modest designs, speak out and give the upholstery a punchy edge that you wouldn’t be able to easily create if using a more traditional colour palette.

Pantone Colour 2023 FabricPantone Colour 2023 Fabric
Pantone Colour 2023 FabricsPantone Colour 2023 Fabrics
Pantone Colour 2023 FabricPantone Colour 2023 Fabric
Pantone Colour 2023 FabricPantone Colour 2023 Fabric

Our Favourite Look: Pairing Viva Magenta with Blue

Pairing blue and Viva Magenta to create a colour rich interior scheme would be our go to look when it comes to featuring Pantone's colour of the year in your home. Mixing the cool of the blue with its colour wheel opponent provides the playful partnership that sees each working to moderate the other, as seen in the beautiful Sunburst Wallpaper and Fabric.

The contrast between the magenta, white and blue shades used, make up a striking visual effect. Whilst the large scale geometric design creates an array of blossom-like forms amongst the vibrant pink. Beautiful when made into full length curtains, to match a statement wall or made into scatter cushions to create an impactful interior look.

Pantone Colour of the year 2023 Pantone Colour of the year 2023
Pantone Colour of the Year 2023Pantone Colour of the Year 2023

The team at F&P Interiors are excited to see how this Pantone colour of the year will influence the use of magenta in the design world. It is, after all, a brilliant colour and could get people taking more risks with their interior colour palettes. We love seeing people breaking the rules and creating memorable interiors. Remember to send us your own interior pictures if you use this exciting colour, we’d love to feature you in our popular customer gallery!  

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