Perfectly Perched: Bespoke Printed Edo Peacock Mural

15th April 2021

We were overjoyed to hear from our very happy customer that her Edo Wall Mural had been hung beautifully in its new home. Sending us a photo of the finished article, our client shared how pleased she was with how it had turned out after having the design customised and printed to perfectly fit her room. By moving the peacocks to one side and positioning a smaller set of birds within the doorway, she was able to place the stars of the show exactly where she wanted them, and used the doorway cut out as a framed print to hang elsewhere in her home.

Peacock Wall Mural InspirationPeacock Wall Mural Inspiration

Bespoke Design and Printing

Our bespoke design and printing service is what makes mural wallpaper so appealing to feature in the home. Fully customisable to fit the exact measurements of your walls, designs can often be altered to cater for furniture, windows or doorways. This wonderful example showcases how with some careful planning and attention to detail, our design team can help you to create something truly remarkable for your home.

Customer says...

Here’s the lovely wallpaper in situ! If anyone asks where I got the paper I shall tell them to contact you. Jasmine has been so incredible helpful, thank you again.

On receiving her sample of the Edo Wallpaper, our customer was excited to begin her scheme. Using the mural as inspiration, she had a ready-made colour palette to work with. Choosing a paint to match the majestic tails of the peacocks, and a velvet sofa fabric in a similar shade, the room instantly feels 'at one' and united in its design.

Painting the door and frame in the same colour as the rest of the room blends it into the design and connects it to the rest of the room. This continuation of colour allows the mural to flow right across the feature wall and adds impact to the space. 

The integrated strip lighting around the ceiling draws your eyes upwards and elevates the room, cleverly balancing the richness of the dark blue on the walls. Smaller details such as the yellow velvet cushions and oversized lightbulb wall lights accentuate the warmth and richness of the gold.

We think that our customer has achieved a scheme that looks perfectly balanced and beautifully put together, adding the wow factor to this cosy space.

About the Design...

Inspired by ancient Japanese paintings, this stunning wall panel is rich in colour and texture. Featuring exotic peackcoks perched amongst delicate flowers and fruit trees, this tranquil scene instantly calms a room as butterflies flutter gracefully against the mottled ground.

Available in a choice of two colours: opulent gold for lovers of warm and elegant interiors, or a soothing mint green for those looking for to create a more subtle aesthetic.

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