Ten Chic Roman Blinds Ideas to Try Now

9th August 2021

Roman blinds are both stylish and practical making them the perfect window treatments for privacy, convenience, and completing a room. This goes for using them inside the wall's recess, on the frame itself, or above the window frame.

They are also suited to almost all types of fabric, giving a wide range of choice. Here's ten of our favourite roman blinds ideas to inspire your interiors.

White Blind FabricWhite Blind Fabric


A plain neutral or white linen fabric is a classic and highly versatile look for any window. They provide a fresh and clean finish that easily matches any home design.

In a neutral bedroom they work to add a natural texture to the interior without stealing focus. Other shades and textures can then be used to create a relaxing, modern space.

An added opaque table lamp allows the light to shine through during the day and a dreamy interior for the night. Whereas, combining with a charming pattern like this Flurry Fabric on cushions adds extra cosiness.

Bedroom blinds can also be used outside the recess, and we can use a blackout lining to prevent any light seepage at dawn. This way you get the timeless linen look and a great night's sleep in a welcoming interior.


Small design or striped fabric introduce a subtle pattern that adds a point of interest that can complement a room. This is particularly true with muted tones and pinstripes.

They're excellent for lifting and lightening a room which is ideal for smaller windows. Likewise, they're excellent in a smaller space like a bathroom or hallway.

Stripes can line-up with the windowframe and/or recess which for a traditional interior look. It draws the eye to the light, focusing on brightening the space. Whilst, vertical stripes give the illusion of a bigger space.

Complete this decorating style by using home accessories that have a similar aesthetic tone. Then the illusion will be complete.

Charcoal Stripe FabricCharcoal Stripe Fabric
Geometric FabricGeometric Fabric


Roman blinds can be brought into an interior design scheme by matching the colour of the walls with the pattern on the fabric. The simplest way to do this is white with white.

This makes both the colour of the fabric and the pattern pop. The background colour is highlighted by being different and standing out.

The trick here is to choose a pattern that is balanced in the interior. For example, bigger windows can pull off bigger designs.

A cool colour works well year round and a geometric fabric provides a contemporary twist on this matchy matchy look. It's eye-catching and understated; it's simple and stunning.


Roman blinds are the perfect addition for Period properties and cottages which often have deeper recess windows. Create a beautiful feature in your room with patterned fabrics, where suitable fit your made to measure blinds inside the recess. 

floral fabric brings life and a touch of femininity to a room. In a stairwell or porch, this touch of cheer can relieve block colours and hard angles.

The shades then look terrific as a design feature or closed at night to get the full effect of the chosen material.

Designer Floral FabricDesigner Floral Fabric
Blue Ticking FabricBlue Ticking Fabric


Roman blinds can also be used on the window frame. As our blinds are made to your specific measurements, they can be made to fit the window and accentuate the space around it.

This lovely little nook has been brought together with a two-colour scheme. From the top, smart stripes whisk you away with a coastal feel. This is repeated below in the neutral wall panels of the window seat.

The striped tones are extended in inverted colours for the floral patterns. There's blue on neutral and neutral on blue. The Daphne Linen Fabric and Agnes Fabric make this comfy spot all the more inviting.

Finally the stripes are repeated on a single cushion that emphasises the space between the seat and the shades. It's a great trick that has been brilliantly done.


Bay windows, on the other hand, bring in an abundance of light and views. Although the latter works both ways, privacy can be added with made to measure roman blinds.

These beautiful painterly patterns tie in with the foliage beyond the window, they have also each been expertly pattern matched to sit side by side. They act as a work of art that adds to the view.

The secondary tones of the fabric have neutral splashes that are seen throughout the room. Wood continues the natural elements with the green used subtley on the chair cushion. Every piece playing its part.

There's an added level of convenience too. On a sunny day the offending side can have the shades drawn. This still allows day light to shine in whilst the pattern can be enjoyed.

Abstract Curtain FabricAbstract Curtain Fabric
Embroidered Blind FabricEmbroidered Blind Fabric


The beauty of embroidery fabric is admired by many and unfortunately it's not suitable for roller blinds. It can, however, be used on roman shades.

These elegant embellishmnets have a sense of history and luxury wherever they are used. Jewel tones and shades reminiscent of precious stones only accentuate the effect.

The delicate textures and patterns are certainly ones that need repeating. Other soft furnishings can then continue the designs to really make an impression.

Opulence without ostentation makes these minute details ones to be savoured and put to the forefront.


A fabulous fabric can be repeated in more ways than one. These made to measure curtains continue the print with wonderful results.

The beautiful abstract floral damask design gently adds colour to the space with its tone on tone print. This superb look has been amplified by the repetition. The flow and symmetry then make for a calm, curated, and sophisticated space.

Gold Damask FabricGold Damask Fabric
Curtain and BlindsCurtain and Blinds


Curtains and blinds can also be brought together through a single shared colour. A statement pattern, on one or the other, is the best jumping-off point.

Once you've chosen then pick out a favourite shade from the feature design for a plain fabric. These curtains do that brilliantly. (A matching trim can also offer an extra touch.)

This tribal embroidery design in subdue tones makes an attractive back-drop to these floor-length curtains. The pattern and drapery each has an equally powerful standing when put together.

The look is taken up a notch by using other tones from the focal fabric on the upholstery. Salsa Two Spot Fabric has both brown and grey to match the blinds. The room is then capped-off with a modern metallic side-table reflecting the golden brown of the print.


These show-stopping striped roman blinds are center stage in this bay window. The contrasting blue and gold is separated by chequered bands.

The black and white design is then reflected in the fabric used on the blind. This is cleverly done by using the fabric for both a pair of modern cushions and as stylish button detailing, which ties the space together.

The occasional chairs are equally monochromatic with the use of blue trim. A metal lamp adds a final bonus point of character.

The use of black and white in the paint and flooring keep this space from going overboard. It's all about the furnishings with a focus on celebrating the glorious architecture of the windows.

Stripe Fabric for BlindsStripe Fabric for Blinds

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