Our Edit: Six of the Best Bird Wallpapers

5th June 2024

If you're looking for a bird design wallpaper to adorn the walls of your home or your office, there is a plethora of options to choose from. Adding a touch of nature, elegance, and colour to any space, these timeless motifs will endure as trends change. Here at F&P Interiors, we are fans of bird wallpapers so have chosen chosen our favourites to inspire your interior design...

best wallpaper birdsbest wallpaper birds
tropical bird wallpapertropical bird wallpaper

1. Exotic Menagerie Wallpaper

A tropical bird wallpaper inspired by Caribbean gardens during the Colonial period. Ornate pots sprout greenery with parrots and cockatoos amongst the feathered wildlife.

"I love the variety of birds in this wallpaper and how natural they look; you feel like David Attenborough watching the birds do something they shouldn’t! You notice something different about it every time you look at it and it feels that each bird has its own personality. It feels quite grand and luxurious, but it’s also playful so would suit my young modern home. I think it should be hung in a room where people are going to be for a long time so they can appreciate the design, like a dining room... it also offers a talking point if your guests are boring! " Lauren, Cuttings Assistant

Pheasant wallpaperPheasant wallpaper

2. Pheasant Wallpaper

An important symbol of our traditional British countryside, this majestic bird design features symmetrical pairs of palatial pheasants, printed in black onto a cool camo ground. 

"I love the simplicity of this design as it creates an alternative trellis-like pattern across the wall. I think this would look very smart in a boot room, paper above with painted tongue & groove panelling below."  Sam, Made to Measure

traditional bird wallpapertraditional bird wallpaper

2. Eleonora Wallpaper

A beautiful wallpaper of frail branches with leaves and white flowers on a beige ground, it captures its original eighteenth-century inspiration through the retention of the brushwork.

"I have always loved this traditional wallpaper by Zoffany. Its neutral colouring and delicate detailing is even more beautiful in person. I would love to use this timeless design in my inner hallway at home." Emma, F&P Interiors Director

beautiful birds for wallpaperbeautiful birds for wallpaper

4. Birds Prosperity Wallpaper

A beautiful tree of life wallpaper design featuring chirping birds sitting amongst peach orange blossom buds and textured leaves. Particularly striking as a feature wallpaper, watch as it climbs to elevate your interiors and adds movement to your walls, it is also available in seven other colourways.

"When first seeing this design by Spanish designers Coordonné, I was really drawn to the teal blue background of this particular colourway. It contrasts so well with the delicate peach and lilac tones, and I think would look great as a bedroom feature wall due to it’s cosy twilight feel!"  Holly, Ecommerce Merchandiser Assistant

black bird wallpaperblack bird wallpaper

5. Williamson Wallpaper

A striking striped wallpaper in black and cream, featuring birds perched within the trees. Printed in warm red, green, and brown tones, which add depth to the design, this rather grand wallpaper would be ideal for a country home.

"I believe this wallpaper is named after a park in England which is known for bird watching, which is a really nice historical reference. I like the freshness of the stripes contrasted with the delicate painted birds and branches. I would use this in a small bathroom, as the depth of colour is really warming and lots of tones could be picked out for accents." Rose, Interior Stylist

peacock mural wallpaperpeacock mural wallpaper

6. Edo Mural Wallpaper

Inspired by Japanese painting, this stunning wall panel is rich in colour and design. Featuring exotic birds perched amongst delicate flowers and fruit trees, butterflies flutter by gracefully against a dusky pink background with a distressed wall look.

"This is one of our most popular designs and I completely understand why. I love it in and of the colourways but I think dusty pink is my favourite. I am not sure any of my rooms are quite big enough to showcase the full design, but it can be scaled to fit your home, so I would feature it in my dining room to show it off to guests!"  Sandra, Orders Manager

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