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Be Bold with Blood Orange Interiors

9th April 2021

Famous for their distinctive blushed rind and deep red flesh, blood oranges have an intense flavour and aroma, conjuring thoughts of a hot Mediterranean climate. As a shade, blood orange demonstrates the same ability to stand out, adding a unique and zingy edge to interiors that’s difficult to replicate with any other colour.

Blood orange is also referred to as vermilion and is a burning (but not burnt) shade, bordering on red. It provides warmth and brightness but it's also deep enough that it’s not too overpowering, and is an incredibly versatile working with a number of other colours.

Take a look at our top tips for using blood orange in your home...

Drama in the Dining Room

Blood orange, like warm shades of red and yellow, are popular choices for restaurant design as they are said to make people feel hungry. Perhaps it’s their spiciness that causes diners to imagine the flavours and tastes they are about to experience. It may also be that these tones promote connotations of travel and culture, urging people to try new things. Whatever the reason, blood orange is certainly a colour to use in your dining room or kitchen. It's especially suited to spaced with a good source of light to emphasise this hue's true beauty.

Evoke the Far East

While the fruit may summon thoughts of sun-drenched Sicily, as a shade blood orange is often associated with the Far East. We may imagine brightly coloured Koi contrasted against the dark waters of a pond. Likewise, the sinuous dance of the dragon during Chinese New Year or the fiery leaves of an Acer tree. Blood orange also traditionally adorns the lavish lacquered screens, ceramics, and silks of East Asia.

As a result, blood orange is the ideal shade to channel the opulent nature of the Far East. Pair it with crisp white, dark brown or jet black for a more traditional look.

Fruits and Flowers

Tones of rose, blush and fuchsia will bring out the sweet side of blood orange, allowing you to create a mouth-watering scheme using fruity colours, floral motifs and injections of fresh foliage. This palette works well in a breakfast room or the sunlit corner of a living space. 

Using Blood Orange with Other Shades

Spice Red and Blood Orange Rooms

As a neighbour of blood orange on the colour wheel, red and yellow provide the perfect accompaniment for a balanced interior space. They enhance blood orange’s fiery nature while simultaneously keeping it grounded, resulting in a scheme that is at once subtle and unique.

They also provide a base on which other colours can be built upon, such as charcoal grey. This further promotes or placates the sizzling quality of blood orange accents.

Blood Orange and Blue Rooms

One of the most popular shades seen alongside blood orange is blue. In their deepest form, indigo and navy blue sit directly opposite blood orange on the colour wheel and so will create the most striking contrast. For some, this can be too much, but for others, it is a match made in heaven.

Blood orange positively glows when set against dark blue. This combination allows attention to be drawn to a striking wallpaper design, artwork or piece of upholstered furniture.

Blood orange can rival almost any shade of blue in vibrancy, so you’ll find it easy to create a balanced scheme with these two shades.

Blood Orange and Grey Rooms

When it comes to combining colours in interiors there's none more versatile than grey and this goes for pairing with blood orange too. This is ideal for balancing a large or busy print for a modern look.


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