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Earthy and Elegant: Blue and Brown Décor Ideas

18th November 2021

An interesting combination that mixes two of earths principle colours, we know that blue and brown is not an immediately obvious partnership when considering a new colour scheme for your home. But with more and more designers choosing to feature them together in their fabrics and wallpapers, we think that this is set to change.

Earthy and elegant, the warmth of the brown and coolness of the blue feels natural and well-balanced; think earth and sky. And when combined in the right way, and featured in the right places, brown and blue creates powerful interiors that feel balanced and well-coordinated. However depending on the intensity of the tone you choose, the results can be strikingly different, so read on to discover the characters of each and why this great colour combo should be featured in your home...

Dark Blue and Brown:

Strong and full of impact, dark blue and brown interiors demand an audience! Contrast beautifully against one another, these two colours look great when featured together in large scale, busy, patterned designs. Perfect for creating an eye-catching feature wall or statement set of curtains, you can ramp up the drama by choosing tactile fabrics such as velvet or embroidery, or add trimmings to inject more texture and movement into your room.

Chocolate Brown and Blue:

By coupling the richness of chocolate with the coolness of blue, you will create an interior that feels smart and well grounded. A popular colour combination for natural designs such as leaf motifsbird prints and large scale florals, they are best suited to well-proportioned interiors such as country houses or elegant traditional homes.

Fabulous on tailored upholstery such as sofas or chairs, or featured on all four walls of a room. If the contrast feels a little overbering, make sure to balance them against fresh white paintwork or lighter fabrics to soften the earthiness of the brown and the brilliance of the blue.

Light Blue and Brown:

Choosing lighter translations of this colourful duo will have a dramatic impact on how your room looks and feels. More delicate and graceful in their impact, light blue and brown fabrics and wallpapers appear fresher and make interior spaces feel brighter and more spacious.

Perfect for modest sized properties such as country cottages and modern country homes, their lightweight appearance and softness of contrast means that the colour scheme can be applied throughout room without overpowering the space. By mixing patterns with plains, and balancing larger motifs with small scale designs, you can create an attractive interior scheme that is rich in pattern and beautifully coordinated.

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