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Green Botanical Bathroom Wallpaper

15th July 2020

This stylish Botanical wallpaper was the perfect choice for our customers Liz's bathroom makeover. On visiting our showroom for a consultation with our design team, she already knew that she was looking for something fun and green and this Nympheus Wallpaper by GP & J Baker instantly caught her eye. Depicting a tranquil pond featuring Egrets, Kingfishers and Lily pads in Botanical Green, Liz loved the fact that the soft colour tones felt fresh and injected a bit of natures sense of calm and serenity into her bathroom.

As well as being the most restful colour for the human eye, green indicates growth and hope. Its direct relationship with nature has a quieting effect upon a space and this tranquil yet refreshing ambience is exactly the environment you want for a bathroom.

Liz hung her wallpaper on the main feature wall so that it can be admired as soon as you step in the door. The other walls have been decorated in a complementary paint colour that we matched to the shades of the wallpaper. Her modern white bathroom suite keeps the room feeling modern and clean and the added indoor plants and natural seagrass baskets continues the promotion of natural products.

A great example of how wallpaper can be the ideal choice for a compact bathroom, Liz's choice proves that great design can come in small packages. It may feel counter-intuitive in a small space but the best thing you can choose is a medium or a large-scale design. Patterns with wide-reaching shapes such as the expansive flowers and broad lilly pads add a theme to the walls that invites visitors eyes to travel across the design, creating the sense of space that makes your bathroom feel bigger.

By choosing a Botanical wallpaper with a slightly traditional feel, Liz has also ensured that her bathroom scheme will continue to feel stylish and on trend. As trends may come and go, this timeless design will never go out of fashion and will look great in years to come.

Alternative Colourways Available in This Design

Inspired by a designs found in the wonderfully diverse treasures of the GP & J Baker archive, Nympheus wallpaper has been printed in a range of colourways from light and subtle to romantic and dark. Creating a fresh and modern array of papers to suit our present day homes, the heritage design is also available as a linen fabric in the same range of different colourways, that are perfect for curtains, soft furnishing and eye catching interior upholstery.

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