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How to Use Brown in Your Interior

30th January 2020

Brown room ideas are perfect for creating warm interiors that can span from historic country houses to contemporary apartments. The trick is in how this colour is used and complemented in homes. Here's some of the best inspiring brown room ideas.

Brown Room Ideas


"A colour produced by mixing red, yellow, and blue, as of dark wood or rich soil."

Brown Interior Design Is Ideal For...

Brown Room Ideas

The colour brown is most associated with the earth. This makes it a solid, calming, and practical colour. It's most often used in wood and (faux) leather. These are natural materials that add rustic textures to interiors. They also are ideal for creating masculine spaces.

All these looks can be achieved by using brown on big spaces and in block colours. This includes brown paint and four-poster beds. It can also be done on large sofas and/or a feature staircase.

These aren't the only ways, however, to introduce brown in to interiors. Like any tone or shade, it's all about how it's used. A re-upholstered vintage sofa in brown velvet will likely result in a retro look. Whereas, a brown mural will make a modern mark.

Here's three more ways to use brown to create inviting interiors.

Idea One: Beige and Brown Living Room

Tone on tone colour schemes have become the go-to update for any interior style. When it comes to brown, the perfect partners are black, metallic, neutral, and cream tones.

Rolling Fog Paint is the ideal base to use these colour combinations around. Then Crease Fabric adds texture and a simple pattern to the room. As a light brown material, it also pairs beutifully with dark wood. The metallic studding completes this chair's upholstery with a touch of glamour.

Full-length Southerly Breeze voile drapes contribute a little drama, romance, and ambience to any area. Moreover, a statement glittery table lamp adds another luxurious element to a space. Both are practical and their size is a great balance to high ceilings.

A Salvador Velvet cushion continues the multi-tonal theme in style. Whilst, Kediri Silk is the final cherry of opulence and comfort as a blanket.

Idea Two: Grey, Brown, and Blue Living Room

Another great colour to pair with brown decor is blue. A textured wallpaper like Santal immediately creates a modern base for a room.

A selection of pillows including seat cushions can then create a relaxing space. Made to measure, especially, offers the opportunity for pairing fabrics on different sized furnishings which brings character to a lounge.

Haba Fabric and Hosome use different sized stripes in complementing light brown shades that work brilliantly together. Plus, a playful tassel or two never goes amiss. Then grey Haba Fabric adds to the throw pillows effect without being overly matchy.

Settee cushions in a heavy hard-wearing linen, Gypsies sets a neutral background for these colours. Finally faux leather in Lorimer and sumptuous softness in Moleskin bring further texture and depth.

Idea Three: Brown Feature Wall

Brown may not seem like the obvious colour choice to make a statement like a feature wall but that's why it's the perfect choice. The natural tones mean that people are accustomed to its hues. This means it's easier to use a bigger canvas as a focal point without overwhelming the senses.

Scandinavian Bellewood mural wallpaper depicts a peaceful Scandinavian forest scene. The warm browns and pink tones represent the softness of the forest light at dawn. It's eye-catching and brings the wonders of the great outdoors inside.

A contemporary interior can be created around murals by keeping it simple in monochrome. Loft White Paint for the surrounding walls and finishings keeps the focus on the main event.

A stylish and yet simple Bramshott Sofa is both comfortable and practical in Wellington Fabric. Topping it with a luxurious throw like this Faux Fur is perfect for creating a cosy autumnal feel that brings to mind a cosy cabin in the woods.

Made to measure cushions can then be added to complement the look. We love the ticking stripe of Japura, the geometric print of Areso, or a contrasting neutral like this Clovelly Fabric.

A touch of metallic could alternatively be added with a Sundance coffee table. The golden tones complement any brown feature wall.

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