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Colour of the Moment: Charcoal Grey

16th September 2019

Charcoal grey interior design ideas have a somewhat bad reputation. This is often because the colour is associated with smog-filled skies or industrial expanses of concrete and steel. As a result, some people are wary of using it in their homes. They assume it will overwhelm their space and suck the life out of other colours in their scheme. The reality is quite the opposite. This dramatic shade of grey can invigorate your home, whether as a stunning focal point or powerful backdrop, and it is anything but drab and dreary.

With these top tips on using charcoal grey, you’ll be crossing over to the dark side in no time...

A Practical Shade

To unlock charcoal grey’s full potential, treat it first and foremost as a practical decorating tool rather than a colour. If you’re mad about metallics, charcoal will make them pop far more effectively than any black or white backdrop.

It also has the capacity to add further richness and depth to fabrics such as silk or velvet can be used to great effect within the home. 

Mature or Mellow

Used alone, charcoal is a distinctly ‘grown up’ shade, signalling maturity and seriousness. This is why it’s typically found in studies, en-suites, and commercial environments rather than nurseries or playrooms. Its sensibleness can be balanced however with fun patterns, playful accessories, and a colourful accent or two.

Colour Contrast

People tend to wear grey when they want to feel inconspicuous and to some extent it is better at promoting the other colours around it. While pale grey can sometimes wash other colours out, dark grey makes them pop. Therefore, opting for a charcoal with a specific undertone such as brown, green or blue, means its potential to sit centre stage can be realised.

An incredibly versatile shade, charcoal works with virtually every colour you can think of, but will be particularly wow-inducing against yellow, teal or pink. Charcoal in its physical form is a by-product of wood and fire, and we can also take inspiration from this by bringing in rich brown, red or orange tones to complement it.

A Classic Pairing

Of course, if it’s charcoal grey’s classic timelessness that attracts you, a smart scheme is easily achievable with the softest ivory or white tones.

Unleash Its Versatility

Its ability to add subtlety or drama, harmony or contrast means charcoal is an incredibly adaptable shade which can be easily manipulated to give the desired effect. Play on its industrial connotations by pairing with metal, glass or brick. Alternatively, soften it through chenille and wool in comfortable neutrals and warm brown shades. 

Whatever your style or space, add charcoal to your palette today and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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