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Coffee with... 17 PATTERN'S' Nosca Inc

21st August 2017

Nosca is the art director, designer and founder of luxury wallpaper, fabric and accessory brand, 17 Patterns. Working under the name Nosca Inc., he is based in east London and sits at the forefront of interior art direction, championing the curation of non-conformist artists whose ideals do not fit into the gallery or agency representation mould. He crossed over into the world of interior design in 2010 and this year launched 17 Patterns' first collection of wallpapers.

Can you sum up the 17 Patterns brand in three words?

Curated, multi-collaborative, artistic.

17 Pattern collaboration

What sets 17 Patterns apart from other wallpaper producers?

17 Patterns manipulates and restructures artworks into a dynamic repeat design. The original concept of the artists’ work is evolved through a variety of imaginative, unconventional techniques and creative processes with colourways and textures chosen under guidance of interiors, colour and fabric specialists. This type of collaborative journey is achieved through a mutual trust and respect; artists need to feel comfortable with their work being reinvented. It is this unorthodox and often experimental approach to our design that enables me, 17 Patterns, its artists, and other industry collaborators to deliver unique interior patterns beyond their original art aesthetic.

There are no rules, and we don’t conform to working in a particular order or place. Our work is a free form that is constantly evolving. This approach results in pattern curation and creation that is unique to our brand.

Which is your favourite wallpaper design, and why?

My personal favourite has to be Cloudbusting, it’s a design that optimises our brand and its ethos. This pattern design is extremely unique and not like any other wallpaper pattern. The original painting was exposed to all of nature’s elements and weathered naturally in the English countryside to enhance movement and texture within the watercolours. The rain and wind were instrumental in the development of the pattern. The painting took a great deal of time to work into a repeat pattern and then colour, but the effort really paid off. The pattern is extremely organic yet also restrained within the pattern repeat creating a beautiful backdrop for modern and traditional interiors.

Lucia Van Der Post in the Financial Times' How to Spend It, recently described Cloudbusting as “a lush and beautiful addition to the wallpaper genre.” - this was a proud moment for the 17 Patterns team.

The name 17 Patterns has mathematical origins - does this theme run through the designs as well?

The name is derived from the mathematical classification of a two-dimensional repetitive pattern, first proven by Evgraf Fedorov in 1891. The pattern symmetry runs throughout our designs, it’s impossible to create a repeat pattern without using one or more of the 17 Patterns, even for our competitors.


What is your favourite part of the creative process?

I love designing the patterns in collaboration with the artists and developing ideas through a unique creative journey. The idea of creating something without anything specific in mind other than the desire to create is a truly powerful thing.

I believe these steps should never be discarded; elements should be revisited, merged and manipulated to produce something new. It’s this process that often triggers future ideas or takes the initial idea in a different direction.

Can you tell us a bit about the upcoming fabric collection?

We are currently working on a collection of fabrics that embrace both traditional production methods and cutting edge printing technology. Some of the patterns have been reinterpreted in silk using traditional weave techniques; these offer a subtler aesthetic and soften the appearance of the existing wallpaper patterns. However, first to hit the market will be our new range of printed cotton velvet cushions. These display some stunning previously unseen patterns and will be available for purchase in August 2016.

What is your favourite room in your home?

Currently the hallway, as I have recently installed Whirling Dervish in this area. The hallway has a low ceiling in comparison to the Victorian front end of the house. The large-scale abstract style of the wallpaper helps to distract the eye from the low ceiling height. The patterns lucid, sinuous lines exhibit a hybrid style of Venetian grandeur fused with urban painting aesthetics. This dynamic bold statement creates interest and variation into the small area without the need for additional furniture and artworks.

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