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The 40th Anniversary Collection by Coordonné

2nd April 2019

Coordonné wallpaper is known for stunning murals, bold artistic prints, and creating patterns from textures. To celebrate their 40th anniversary they have launched an exciting new collection. Here's how the brand has developed and why their biggest challenge yet is a homage to their ethos.

Where Coordonné Began

Coordonné was founded in the autumn of 1978 by Menchi López de Lamadrid. She was inspired by English prints and decided to bring that style to Spain. The plan was to design coordinated wall coverings and fabric which gave the brand its name, Coordonné.

The first small shop was launched in Barcelona where it can still be found today. The second generation has since taken on this mantel with Gabriel Bans López at the helm. Now, the brand can be found in more than 50 countries across the world.

Wallpaper is the new black!

The young, creative team behind the latest wave of Coordonné wallpaper aims to revolutionise wall coverings. They embrace the mindset that interiors are as much about self-expression as fashion.

Flowers, plants, geometric patterns, and colour are used to fill spaces with energy. Whilst, their collaborative approach makes fresh and vibrant designs for every taste.

Coordonné 40th Anniversary

To mark this milestone Coordonné has released their 40th Anniversary collection. It sees 40 artists, 40 designs and all over one year. The premise was absolute freedom of creation.

The collection is a mixture of wallpaper designs and wonderful wall murals. Whereas, the artists are largely local to Coordonné's origins, whether Spanish or Barcelona based.

The results are magnificent with a perfect mix of every facet of the brand. There's dense foliage, blooming florals, daring colours, and mesmerising geometrics abound.

"A very ambitious project, one which is irresistibly beautiful and has blossomed thanks to the energy of the Coordonné team and the sparkle of the 40 artists that have put their trust in the brand."

Helena Augusti Sanahuja, Coordonné Marketing Director.

Coordonné Creative Director, Conce Fiol spoke to us about how the collection came about. She said, "At Coordonnné we are constantly looking for artists to develop our collections. For many years now, Coordonné has relied on the technique and vision of other artists to develop our concepts and our vision of the world.

"The 40th Anniversary collection emerged to use this ethos and celebrate the 40 years of the brand! Once we completed the collection we rejoiced for the cast of artists who had signed up for this adventure with us."

The individuality of each artist shines through whilst the subject matter and colour schemes are very much Coordonné.

The strength of each design makes it ideal for creating a feature wall and the focal point in a room. They're also perfect for all-round pattern and colour. The variety sees a style for every taste and interior.

A Few of our Favourites...

A stunning scenery wallpaper capturing coastline natives call to the sea. The hazy sky and pink shore are reminiscent of sunny seaside days.

This nautical wallpaper has incredible detail in each in every scaley friend by wildlife portrait artist, Joana Santamans. The use of colour is exquisite.

Geometry and the renaissance meet in the interests of Critina Celestino and this wallpaper. Inspired by the mosaics with a kaleidoscope drawn from the parterre.

Leaf prints are forever a favourite and the simple painterly pattern with ripening berries is ideal for a property of any period.

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