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Dare to Go Dark Green

9th November 2020

These gorgeous dark green interior design ideas are the ideal way to introduce daring shades into any space. Rich, sumptuous colours have always been welcome in cooler months but in recent years this trend has become popular year-round.

Take a look at these awe-inspiring dark green rooms with F&P Interiors' top tips on making the most of these colours in your home.

Dark Green Shades to Try Now

Moss Green Interiors

Dark moss green has undertones of yellow that can be paired with warm shades of red and brown. It's often used in high-traffic areas such as hallways, boot rooms or on external surfaces as it's better at hiding scuffs and wear while still retaining a smart feel.

High-traffic areas also look wonderful in a wide-width wallpaper to create interest and depth whilst adding colour. Whereas, fabric can be used on furniture and full-length curtains for drama and luxury.

Deep Emerald Interiors

Dark shades of emerald green are perfect for more striking interior spaces. They work particularly well with splashes of vibrant cobalt blue and fiery orange or, to really make them pop, powdery grey and blue shades.

It's an opulent and glamorous shade which makes ideal for sumptuous velvet fabric. It can then be taken up a notch with metallic home accessories.

This look is ideal for creating an indulgent atmosphere in bedrooms, snugs, and dining rooms. It can also take an urban chic look to the next level.

Jade Green Interiors

Jade green can be used to lift even the darkest of shades like black or charcoal grey. The results can be large patterns that take centre stage. This can be an impactful wallpaper or statement upholstery fabric. Balance this look with exquisite textures, prominent lighting pieces, and, for a maximalist look, equally eye-catching patterns.

However these tones are used, it’s worth noting that a little bravery with dark green can go a long way. An eye-catching patterned wallpaper, painted feature wall or lavish silk fabric will all provide the opportunity to showcase this beautiful shade to maximum effect.

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