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Discover the Richness of Aubergine...

9th July 2017

Half way between fig and plum, aubergine is a sumptuous shade that’s often overlooked due to its depth and ability to easily dominate a space. However, when used carefully and paired with the right shades, its tremendous versatility becomes instantly apparent. 

Take a look at our top tips on how to use this inspiring shade...

Fit for royalty

Purple is traditionally an imperial colour, having been worn by religious figures and members of the aristocracy for centuries, as well as being used by the British Royal Family and other royalty in Europe as a ceremonial colour for special occasions.

These regal connotations mean that aubergine is perfect for creating a sense of occasion and importance, ideal for entrance halls, dining rooms and spaces designed for entertaining... 

Aubergine living room with grey accents

Warm aubergines

Warm aubergine shades with brown undertones have a richness which makes them ideal for use in relaxing areas such as living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Pair with dark woods and warm sandy tones for a comfortable, lived-in look...

Alternatively, add bright accents of colour such as scarlet, mustard or moss green for a more dressed scheme...

Aubergine cushion on armchair
Aubergine scheme with bright accents

Cool aubergines

Slightly cooler shades of aubergine have a mature feel, and work wonderfully in studies, libraries and dining rooms. This quality also means that cooler shades add a natural age to interiors, and so work best in traditional county houses or cottages, where the colour’s historical undertones feel most at home...

Hallway in cool aubergine tones
Hallway in cool aubergine palette

Texture, depth and colour

As with most jewel-like colours, aubergine has a sumptuousness that is best displayed on plush velvet and silk, or in the form of accents such as thick pile rugs, frilled fabric trimmings or elaborate curtain tie-backs...

Cushions with aubergine trim
Aubergine chaise longue

Patterns and motifs

Aubergine works well to add drama to florals, leafy motifs and ornate damasks, as well as softening tartan and check designs, making it the perfect shade for luxurious autumn interiors...

Patterned chair in aubergine tones
Aubergine and warm cream living room scheme

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