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Eclectic Wallpaper and Fabric Designer: MINDTHEGAP

31st May 2019

Romanian designers, MINDTHEGAP are bringing fresh, fun, and eclectic wallpaper and fabric to the fore. Their modern wall art and textiles make for beautiful maximalist interior design.

Eclectic home schemes mix and match colours, textures, and patterns. They even combine periods and tie them all together with a theme.

MINDTHEGAP creates eclectic designs that likewise find inspiration from different decades, continents, and artistic movements. Vibrant, rich tones and amazingly detailed prints complete these esteemed collections.

Large tropical foliage is seen alongside fabric wallcoverings; shibori prints next to Chinoiserie florals. There's tribal patterns and art deco. Not forgetting, their local influences with Transylvanian folk art.

It doesn't, however, end there. They continue these bold designs on home accessories. These include glorious cushions, playful lampshades, and statement pendant lighting.

"Our creativity is nurtured by images, drawings, sketches, stories, and dreams."

MINDTHEGAP eclectic wallpaper and fabric starts in the design studio. Their team of artists create the ideas that make the brilliant patterns.

They are then produced in their own factories in Romania. Natural fibres, non-woven wallpaper bases, and sustainable forests are used with eco-friendly certified inks.

All of this is done to ensure the quality and production of ethically made lines. The results speak for themselves.

MINDTHEGAP's designs are the ideal basis for a feature wall, home accents, or all-round a room. Their combination of vintage and modern makes them suited to all types of interiors. Say farewell to minimalism with these crowd-pleasing prints.

A Few of our Favourites...

The pale peach pink of this art deco wallpaper updates the gold and silver design perfectly. It gives a lovely feminine twist to the roaring twenties geometric shapes.

This wonderful painterly design is inspired by Indian culture. Elephants and colourful florals bring the scenes to life. It's a print found time and again across their range of products.

This wondrous large floral wallpaper hits on a key modern home styling look. The array of flowers add a strong and yet pretty botanical pattern.

Tropical wallpaper has been in full-force on the interior design scene for some time. This rich palm leaf print is a superb take on this trend.

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