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Everything You Need to Know About Using Your Outdoor Fabric Indoors

3rd June 2019

Stylish yet functional, outdoor fabric is perfect for gardens, patios or beside the pool. Did you also know that these qualities make them ideal for indoor applications as well? As more and more people discover the joys of using outdoor fabric inside, we take a look at the practical benefits of embracing this new trend.

Beauty and Comfort

Modern technology and innovative design have meant that contemporary outdoor fabrics defy expectations in terms of appearance and feel. They are far from coarse, stiff or only available in limited colours - as you might expect from a fabric which is built to withstand all weathers. Exterior fabric has come a long way and is now just as soft and stylish as their indoor counterparts.

Available in lush tones, from the deepest hues to the brightest shades, there's now a huge selection of patterns. Smart ikats, lively florals and detailed jungle motifs, has everyone spoiled for choice when decorating their home.

Built to Last

Outdoor fabric is also called performance fabric, simply because, when up-against the wear and tear of everyday life, they perform better than indoor ones. They are inherently stronger and more resistant to abrasion.

Moreover, the majority of outdoor fabric is stain and water repellent, mould resistant and lightfast. These are characteristics that make them suited to high-traffic areas such as living rooms, kitchens and playrooms. They then are brilliant anywhere pets or children are concerned.

Five Reasons to Bring Outdoor Fabrics Inside


If you have pets or little ones who are forever clambering about on your furniture, a fabric that can withstand abrasion is absolutely necessary. Outdoor fabrics are generally stronger and more resistant to wear and tear compared with indoor fabrics. This makes them particularly suited to furnishings that see the most traffic, such as kitchen seating, living room sofas, and armchairs.



Outdoor fabric has usually been given a coating that makes them less absorbent to dust, dirt or accidental spillages. Typically, they will have a special stain release finish which will prevent any blemishes from permeating the surface. They're therefore easier to clean. Furnishings in your kitchen, living room or dining room often encounter spills, so upholstering these in an outdoor fabric will make dinner parties and mealtimes a stress-free affair. 

Fade-resistant / Lightfast

Outdoor fabric is specified as having excellent fade-resistance or lightfastness. It will retain their colour for longer, making them the ideal choice for curtains or blinds. This also goes for any furnishings that are exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. A favourite window seat or sun-drenched armchair will look all the better for it.

The process by which this protective finish is achieved may vary across different manufacturers. They, however, usually involve completely saturating fibres with a UV-resistant pigment. This is opposed to simply dyeing the surface of them, as with most indoor fabrics. 


It’s likely that the same coating designed to resist stains will also help to prevent them from absorbing liquids. This often means liquid will run off the surface of the fabric or simply sit on top of it. Both of which, gives extra time to grab a cloth and mop it up.

Mould and Mildew-resistant / Anti-bacterial

Many outdoor fabrics have been treated with a sanitiser to hinder the growth of bacteria which can lead to mould stains. This is particularly useful for outdoor furnishings such as pool-side sun loungers or awnings that will encounter a lot of moisture. It’s also just as useful indoors in spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens, where humidity levels are likely to be high. 

More Ways to Use Outdoor Fabrics in Your Home

Popular Indoor/Outdoor Fabric Collections


Portico Collection

A selection of coordinated fabrics incorporating coastal inspired designs, hip patterns, companion stripes and plains. They provide countless combinations for apolished finish and that signature Thibaut style. 

Calypso Collection

Designed to coordinate with the Portico fabrics, Calypso’s range features luxurious textures, plush chenilles, matelasse and versatile sheers. They offer even more pairings for a spirited and custom look.

Solstice Collection

The Solstice Collection includes a variety of textured patterns, including chevrons, exuberant ikats, and a signature sunburst motif. They're all woven with 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarns.

Oasis Collection

Featuring palm leaves, sophisticated animal prints and smart geometrics, Oasis allows you to bring the fun and exuberance of nature into your home. Designed to complement the Calypso and Portico Collections.


Lontano Collection

Inspired by the colours and patterns of the Mediterranean, Lontana Indoor-Outdoor fabrics feature semi-plain and patterned fabrics.

They can be mixed and matched to create a look that’s personal to your interior space. All designs are fire retardant, abrasive resistant, anti-UV, and anti-bacterial.

Osborne & Little

Sea Breeze Collection

The Sea Breeze Collection contains nine fun and fresh designs, many of which are named after delicious summer cocktails.

All fabrics within the collection are stain and mildew resistant with excellent light fastness, and come in a selection of vibrant mouth-watering shades.

No.9 Thompson

Palm Willow Weaves

Using solution dyed Flyer TM yarns from Italy, with the most trusted and proven performance, Palm Willow Weaves presents seven exciting designs. They're inspired by basketwork, nature, and traditional hand-woven crafts, brought to life through a beautiful, usable colour palette.


The second outdoor collection from No.9 Thompson, Fez weaves offer a wide range of colourful and textural textiles suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Made from 100% solution-dyed polypropylene, designs are washable yet sumptuously soft to the touch, perfect for indoor comfort.

Other Outdoor Fabric Brands You'll Love to Browse

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How to Care for Your Outdoor Fabrics

Wherever your use indoor outdoor fabrics, accidents happen and added headaches like felt tip stains, mildew and even chewing gum can all find their way on to your furnishings.

Fortunately these materials are highly durable and most marks can be removed at home without professional cleaning. We've put together our detailed guide on how to care for your indoor outdoor fabrics so that they stay looking brand new for longer.

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