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Fireplace Design Ideas for Winter

27th September 2019

These are the best indoor fireplace design ideas for the colder months. The chilly weather means more time indoors so you may as well do it in style.

There are many different types of fireplaces. Your fireplace may be dictated by the age of the property, the size of the space or what's easiest and the most efficient.

All designs can be a key feature of any room and making the most of them takes a little magic. Here's the top fireplace design ideas.

Fireplace Hearth Ideas

Traditional open hearth fireplaces are the best known and the oldest form of fireplaces. The snapping and crackling of wood burning in a fireplace on a winter's night is hard to beat.

This romantic fireplace design can easily be the focal point in a room. Keeping the interior design simple creates a timeless look.

Tone on tone is the easiest way to achieve this style. The walls should be a similar shade to the fireplace mantel.

Patterns in the room will appear on home accessories like rugs, cushions and throws. Whereas, texture can be created through the furniture. This can be done on both the upholstery and curtain fabric.

Smaller touches, like wood on side tables and frames, will then be the darkest shade in the room before the fireplace itself. This building of tones will draw the eye towards the fireplace hearth.

Brick Fireplace Designs

Brick fireplaces offer a rustic touch in any room. The key is to compliment the shade of the bricks.

If they are a chalky colour, sandy or grey or red then these are tones to play with in the room. Pepper these throughout the interior.

Stone, however, can be quite cold so aim for the warmest or lightest hue. Then add brighter colours around that.

Ceiling beams or panels should aim to be one tone to allow for this playful use of colour on the furnishings. Finally, use plenty of small decorative details to finish this shabby chic look.

Victorian Fireplaces

A Victorian fireplace is typically made from one piece of cast iron that has two main features. These are the back and the shelf.

This era overlapped with the Arts and Crafts decorative and fine arts movement. This saw added tiles on either side of the main hearth. The style then developed into a tile fireplace surround and/or a wooden mantle.

Matching these fireplaces with a traditional wallpaper design stays true to this classic feature. These can be chosen to match the tiling which is the original design central point.

If there are no tiles then pick another of the room's design features to follow. This can include a piece of art that you wish to hang over the fireplace.

Likewise, fabrics in sumptuous textures line-up perfectly. Plus, a mix of patterns works well within that time period.

Wood Burning Stoves

Although not technically a fireplace, it has become popular to put wood burning stoves in fireplaces. This makes the pipe easier to place and visually makes sense.

The key to decorating a wood burning stove is to make the entire chimney breast the focus. This can be done with original features like beams.

Alternatively, it can be done with an eye-catching wallpaper or well-placed mirror. Both of these choices can make a room look bigger if chosen correctly.

A wallpaper that's just on the chimney breast works great as the it accentuates the fireplace as a feature. You can also go big with a mirror as long as overall it is smaller than the fireplace.

All these fireplace design ideas work well in modern, rustic and traditional homes. The key is choosing the details to fit the period or overall interior scheme.

Contemporary Fireplace Ideas

Modern fireplace designs, whether gas, electric, propane or ethanol, need to be arranged with balance in mind. This creates the ideal contemporary interior design.

A feature wallpaper on the chimney breast and a high ceiling means balancing with larger features. Similarly, a block colour needs to be broken up with textures and pattterns.

A modern room design can easily be over-powered by a statement fireplace. As a result, too blank a canvas can make it seem flat and alien.

Create intrigue and depth with the placement of your lighting, furniture and fabrics. Then sit back, relax and enjoy.

Ornamental Fireplace Designs

Finally, fireplaces can be decorative all year round even if they aren't used for heating purposes.

The simplest trick is to store logs of wood in the fireplace. This adds a rustic warm feel without the need for a fire. This works just as well with books if you're looking for more storage without adding shelves. Of course, make sure you've cleaned out the area first.

Placing presents or ornaments, like a large shell, in the centre continue to make that spot a focus. Alternatively, keep it simple with an assortment of candles.

A fireplace mantel can be added to a home, however, for purely ornamental purposes. It can be a great way to use the space for decoration.