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Turquoise & Red Coastal Home

15th June 2017

What a cheerful room this is! Strong turquoise walls, big comfy sofas covered in white linen, with an array of cushions in turquoise and red and white.

A Cheerful Lounge with Turquoise Walls and Red Stripe carpet
Turquoise and Red mood board

Walls and Curtains

A vibrant paint in turquoise brings a lot of life to the room, paired with white for the woodwork and ceiling.

A lovely clean fresh light weight linen, perfect for unlined curtains, blowing in the wind.

Furniture and Lamp

A comfy sofa is so important, and putting loose covers, especially white, is a practical alternative.

A beautiful glass table lamp in peacock blue, sits beside the sofa.


An eclectic mix of cushions in red and white geometric and turquoise with slight enthic patterns.