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The Stylish French Fabric: Toile de Jouy

5th April 2021

French toile fabric or Toile de Jouy translates to 'cloth from Jouy-en-Josas'. It's a classic print which continues in popularity, year in and year out.

What Is Toile De Jouy Fabric and How Do You Use It?

Toile de Jouy fabric is traditionally printed in a single colour, often red or blue, onto an off-white base. This creates a beautiful contrast.

They then have a repeated pattern with pastoral scenes of French country life. There's often romantic imagery and day-to-day life from a bygone era.

Toile fabric has since been printed in negative with the background in colour and the pattern in neutral. They've also seen richer detail including shading.

This style of toile fabric offers more of a strong focal point in a room. The stronger colour and tones add more depth.

They, however, more often stay true to the traditional design and content of toile fabric. This makes them adaptable for traditional homes.

Now, contemporary toile fabric experiments with bold colour clashing and Chinoiserie trends. Here's how to use all these Toile de Jouy fabric designs in your home.

Classic Toile de Jouy Fabric

Classic Toile de Jouy fabric only uses two colours but have a large pattern. These idyllic rural prints are often archival. They've been recreated from the original toile fabric that first caught people's eyes.

Demure tones add to the sophistication of French toile. They're ideal for full-length curtains. The effect is especially added to by positioning them around French doors.

Likewise, they work wonderfully on upholstery. The use of skirting in the same fabric provides a vintage finish.

It has also become popular as bedding, and curtains or drapery around a bed. Waking up, elegantly wrapped in toile gives every day a sense of refinement.

Contemporary Toile de Jouy Fabric

Modern Toile de Jouy designs combine large patterns with colour. This can be simply in the pattern itself, keeping the background neutral.

Alternately, there can be one extra colour added for more definition or contrast. As the imagery is often wonderfully intricate, the elements stand out that bit more.

Finally, it can be the entire use of colour as current toile fabric is awash with bold tones. These immediately create a youthful, whimsical aspect to the material.

Thanks to contemporary forms of production there is more choice than ever before. It's all about choosing the one that fits with your interior design tastes.

Places to Incorporate Toile De Jouy Fabric in Your Home

Idea One: Statement Toile Cushions

Thanks to the large design of toile, they are ideal for making statement cushions. Moreover, thanks to made to measure services, cushions can be created to fit the size of the design.

If you are particularly enamoured with the scenes shown on a Toile de Jouy fabric then this is the ideal way to enjoy them: individually.

Two pictorals from the Zanskar Fabric are seen here on cushions. It's then matched with Jali Trellis Fabric and Menagerie Fabric.

The simple trelliis in modern tones is coupled perfectly through its background colour. Whereas, a floral and bird fabric continues the homage to nature.

Idea Two: Matching Toile Fabric

This French fabric continues to win hearts and, in this case, more can most definitely be more. Why not use the same fabric more than once?

This can be done on curtains, upholstery, and fabric blinds. It can also be done on bedding, pillows, and other home accessories like lampshades.

Similarly, using the same design in different colours can repeat a beloved pattern in a different way. This is a great way to avoid being overly matchy.

Pick out colours from the design to complete the room, whether in a rug, furnishings or paint. Josette Fabric has been used with most of the above. It has also been used with vintage furniture to complement the retro pastel colour.

Idea Three: Matching Toile Wallpaper and Fabric

Matching toile wallpaper and fabric can be either classic or contemporary. You could simply combine the same pattern on a headboard and wall. This offers a stunning French country feel.

Now , however, thanks to modern toile designs you can make a fresh and funky combo. Start with a Toile de Jouy wallpaper that makes an excellent feature wall or all-round pattern.

Team this with the same pattern on the largest piece of furniture for the biggest impact. South Sea designs do this flawlessly.

To take it down a notch, simply use it on home accents or a single chair. Otherwise, go all-out with a mix of neutral colours and another equally vibrant hue to complete the theme.

A large trellis design, mostly in white, is a great equaliser. Mara Embroidery Fabric on the cushions adds a hint of colour with its simple pattern.

The small geometric print on the footstool brings a full splash. The tone on tone weave is modern and yet remains understated in its pattern. It manages to create harmony in this powerful urban chic environment.

(Header image from Marvic.)