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All About GP & J Baker

6th December 2021

GP & J Baker evolved from an Anglo-Turkish trading company founded by George Baker in the mid-19th century. It is now one of the oldest design houses in Britain. The company got its name when George Baker’s sons, George Percival Baker and James Baker entered into partnership and began to produce textiles in Britain.

In 1893, they leased a printing works in Crayford, Kent called Swaisland Print Works. It produced block-printed and roller-printed fabrics decorated with stunning patterns by leading designers. 

George Percival was a keen gardener and many of the textiles he commissioned celebrated English fruit and flowers. This is still the case today, with many collections demonstrating a clear love for flora and fauna native to Britain.

GP & J Baker Fabrics and Wallpapers

From left to right standing – Henry Baker, James Baker, Arthur Baker, George Percival Baker, Frederick Baker.

GP & J Baker Fabrics and Wallpapers

The Swaislands Fabric Company acquired by Baker.

GP & J Baker Fabrics and Wallpapers

Workers using wood printing blocks applying textile inks.

Royal Warrant

GP & J Baker has since grown into a design house to be reckoned with, their fabrics and wallpapers adorn homes across the country. In 1982 they became the proud holders of Her Majesty the Queen’s Royal Warrant, in recognition of the supply of GP & J Baker fabrics and wallcoverings to the Royal household.

Their style could be called traditional with an eclectic twist. They are known for their unique and imaginative edge that they place on designs and the contemporary printing and weaving techniques they continue to pioneer. Today, in addition to developing its own traditional style and unique "handwriting", GP & J Baker continues to grow its reputation as one of the world's innovators of fabric design and colour.

GP & J Baker Fabrics and Wallpapers

GP & J Baker Now

This brand has grown and with their size and new methods of production has come a resounding reputation. Their use of pattern, including many inspired by the history of the silk road, has added character to many interiors. This has been seen on both wallpaper and fabric.

Meanwhile their staple best sellers like the ever-popular Vintage Velvet range is the perfect mix of practical and luxurious. These plain designs complement the patterns and are ideal for using across a home.

GP & J Baker Brands

GP & J Baker are well respected in the industry which has led to exciting partnerships. These include Mulberry HomeThreads, Kravet, Lee Jofa, and Brunschwig & Fils.

They also developed Baker Lifestyle which produces young modern designs that are perfect for first homes and even rented properties. It's cutting edge, with playful twists on classic motifs.

The arguably most anticipated collaboration, however, was between GP & J Baker and H&M. The clothing brand released a line that championed GP & J prints, particularly their Chinoiserie designs.

These partnerships have firmly placed GP & J Baker at the pinnacle of the best British interior design brands.

Our Favourite GP & J Baker Collections

A beautiful collection of timeless designs featuring geometrics, climbing trees, birds, bold flowerheads and simplistic florals. Printed in warm mustards, rich greens and pastels.

Created by a renewed desire for homes that express our unique personalities, it combines antique inspired textiles, vibrant colours and patterns with a vintage feel.

A Baker Lifestyle Collection and the third of this iconic collaboration. There's simple hand-block designs and complex chunky embroidery; geometrics, stripes and fun trellises.

A red and blue fabric collection that's designed for relaxed easy country living. It's the perfect mix of confident and comfortable with tree of life designs, trellises, stripes and paisleys.

The very best of their iconic designs including ikat weaves, floral linens and colourful geometrics that can be styled together to create wonderful curtains and statement upholstery.

A Baker Lifestyle Collection, these fabric designs are hand-block printed giving each a unique finish. There's also complementing woven fabric to create interior design schemes.

Iconic GP & J Baker patterns are given a makeover on velvet fabric. These wonderfully materials, combined with the large prints, are the best way to make feature furniture.

Re-designed archival prints in big bold patterns for walls with climbing florals, a statement ikat, and stunning scenery. A trellis and herringbone are also in complementary colours.

Intricate embroidery and beautiful block-prints take centre-stage on natural grounds. An elegant collection that's suited to drapery and traditional interiors in the city or the country.

Indigo, soft blue, light brown, muted red, and emerald green are all engaged in this ode to Indienne textiles. Detailed printed velvet, toile, and damask are the ideal way to draw the eye.

Earthy tones are used alongside tranquil duck egg to update traditional country cottage patterns on wallpaper. Flying ducks, plaid, and paisley join game birds, trees, dogs, and plains.

Iconic designs are renewed with these printed fabrics. Their heritage is honoured with delicate bird motifs, soft pastel florals, and classic trellis designs, perfect features in homes.

The patination of time has a 3D-effect on these textured wallpaper designs. It's marked in the threadbare tapestries, created with raffia, and etched in the cracks of cork.

A homage to patterns that travelled across The Silk Road with a long-lasting impact. These designs have been re-imagined creating something Western born in the East.

A Baker Lifestyle range that's bursting with colour for elevating windows as cheerful curtains. Vibrant tones bring this heavy embroidery to life in a celebration of Mexico.

A collaboration inspired by the grand royal residences. There's large floral embroideries, luxurious damasks, and sumptuous velvets for adding opulence to interiors.

Full of verve and versatility, this fabric and wallpaper collection uses authentic Indian motifs as inspiration. Paisleys, ikats, and botanicals are seen in fresh  and sophisticated colours.

This line interprets archival prints with an Arts & Crafts aesthetic. They emulate renowned figures of the movement, including Morris and Voysey, to make modern masterpieces.

Take an In-depth Look: GP & J Baker - Signature II Wallpapers Collection

Our Favourite GP & J Baker Wallpapers and Fabrics

This exquisite green floral velvet fabric is soft and supple with a painterly pattern in a watercolour style. It adds rich colour and celebrates a historic print.

A bird and floral print linen fabric that's one of the most popular by the brand and it's easy to see why. The mustard background adds warmth to any room.

This multitonal blue ikat fabric makes beautiful linen curtains with its Indian inspired print in indigo and sky. It's no wonder why it has made F&P bestseller lists.

This gorgeous large floral print wallpaper hits perfectly on the colour combination trend of blue and green. It both adds stunning pattern and lifts a room.

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