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Charming Green Floral Bedroom

10th May 2019

An elegant, green floral wallpaper in this guest bedroom is a great starting point for designing a traditional interior scheme. Adding neutral or cream textures through curtains and lampshades creates a timeless look which contrasts well against the dark furniture. A hint of red features in the floral fabric on the cushions and within the rug to provide a touch of personality and a pop of colour.

Green Floral Wallpaper in this pretty bedroom

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Wallpaper and Curtains

This green Christabel Floral Wallpaper originated in 1936 France and is the perfect choice for this room. Its pretty trail of pink and white flowers offer a timeless look. 

The delicate Wanderer Fabric in Ecru Cream adds subtle texture. Our Bespoke curtain rods then offer the perfect fit for windows and doors.

Bedding and Upholstery

Use this delightful Peonies Floral Fabric to create comfortable covers for the beds. Feature this classic Solilla Stripe in apple green on the chair to tie in beautifully with the scheme.

Using a plain upholstery fabric like Berrow neutralises the furniture so why not add some colour interest by mixing Oleander florals and braiding into the design.

Cushions and Lighting

Create a pop of colour with some bespoke cushions in this stunning Rossie Priory Fabric and this popular Strawberry Thief Velvet whose colours work perfectly within the scheme.

Using a plain antique Misa Moire Fabricto adorn the lampshades gives a traditional bedside feature and will perfectly top the Twisted Glass Candlestic Lamps on the bedside tables. 

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