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Performance Fabrics to Keep up with Everyday Living

4th January 2019

With more and more people choosing to use high performance fabrics in their homes, designers are offering far more variety and exciting new designs. They are creating stylish patterns in an array of colours and sumptuous textures. This means that you no longer have to sacrifice design over function. Discover why you should be choosing high performance fabrics for your home...

high performance fabric

The Benefits of Performance Fabric

A high performance fabric is exactly as it sounds. It's designed to last longer, provide extra comfort, offer protection and all whilst looking fabulous! Their multifunctional qualities make them the ideal choice for upholstery fabric, curtains or drapery.

Their durability also means that they last much longer and  you do not have to replace them as often. This allows you to get far more usage for your money.

Another reason to love performance fabrics is their environmentally friendly qualities. Longer-lasting equals less fabric ends up in landfill sites and makes your home a more sustainable indoor space.
Crypton Home Fabric is also Greenguard Gold certified which helps to enhance your indoor air quality and create a healthier home.

Keeping performance fabric looking great and clean is worry-free. They have an incredible ability to withstand pretty much anything that is thrown at them. High performance fabrics are ideal for households with young children, pets, and are also ideal for those who love to entertain.

Their built-in stain repellence makes spills and accidents a problem of the past. They can easily be thoroughly cleaned. Simply brush off any loose dirt and use a damp cloth to blot any marks.

For more stubborn stains, spray with a mixture of soap and water and dab or softly scrub. Let it air dry and voila, your fabric will look as good and new.

Styling with High Performance Fabric

Upholstery Fabric for Sofas, Chairs & Footstools

Engineered to withstand constant wear and tear, high performance fabric is the ideal choice for designer upholstery.

Their strong and durable nature means that they remain undamaged or unaffected by constant use and will continue to protect against the trials of everyday living.

Their built-in stain, mold, and mildew resistance means that the sky blue dog proof sofa you have always wanted can now be a reality without fear of stains and ruin.

Curtains & Cushions

Whether the performance fabric has been blended with fibres during the weaving process or had a protective coating added to the cloth, it makes no difference to how wonderful they feel.

Performance fabrics are as supple and soft as regular fabrics and are a great option for cosy cushions or dramatic drapery.

Their colourfast nature means that curtains will stay looking new for longer and can be hung in direct sunlight without fear of fading. Colourful designs will remain looking bold & patterns will stay sharp over time.

Those Finishing Touches

With so many stunning designs to choose from, it can be a lot of fun choosing the right performance fabric for your home. And by adding those finishing touches you can create unique and attractive designer pieces that are built to last.

Adding a complimentary braid or gimp to plainer designs will provide texture and colour. Or choose your favourite performance fabric to create contrasting piping that suits your individual style. Decorative stud work is perfect for hiding any lips & edges, forming clean lines for a smart finish.

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