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How to Choose Interior Colours For Your Home

8th July 2021

Knowing how to choose a colour scheme for your home can be difficult. Colour has the inherent ability to affect us. It has a sensory impact on the way we see and feel in different situations. Warm colours are comforting, cool colours are tranquil, rich tones give a sense of luxury and pampering, whilst deep shades create ambience.

How to Choose a Colour Scheme for Your Home

Colour is the most powerful tool there is in interior design. It's key to striking the tone you aspire to in any room of your home.

A great way to guide you on this journey is choosing an interior design style. This can inspire the colour scheme like blues for a coastal-feel or blush pink for shabby chic interiors.

There's also these guides that offer plenty of home inspiration and a clear view of what each colour offers.

Interior Colour Scheme Guides

Blue has consistently been the most sought after colour for interiors. It's versatile, peaceful and has mass-appeal for shared spaces.

Arguably the most powerful colour, red is rich, eye-catching and a bold choice. It's lavish and indulgent for a strong look.

Yellow can range from bright sunshine tones to warm mustard and rich ochre. It brings life, energy and lightness to a home.

Green evokes the great outdoors but is also quickly becoming a favourite in jewel tones that offer a sense of opulence.

A zesty, fruity colour, orange is full of vibrance and warmth. It's wonderful for using in the heart of a home or as an accent tone.

Pink is a fantastically feminine colour that has a wonderful softness. It can be flirty and heart-warming, soothing or lively.

Purple is an extravagant, regal and dreamy colour. As a mix of blue and red, it's the perfect balance between calming and confident.

Brown is a woody, rustic colour that instantly adds depth. It's ideal for pairing with a range of textures in rural and modern city interiors.

This oceanic colour bridges between blue and green. Turquoise can be punchy and bright or precious and darkly demure.

Decorating with Different Shades

A white blank canvas is clean and cool for contemporary homes. New designs also make keeping it that way a breeze.

Wondering how to pick the perfect shade of grey? Here's how to choose the tone, light it and complement it in interiors.

Cream, beige, nude, greige, tan, camel, and taupe are all neutral tones. They have now become synonymous with chic modern interiors.

This shade of blue is a medium tone of azure. It's also known as French blue, forties blue and steel blue. It's a soft, smart and cool shade.

This serene blue tone has become a favourite for country cottage interiors. It also instantly makes for relaxing rooms in any home.

A rich blend of blue and green, teal balances between ocean hues and the luminescence of gemstones for magnetic interiors.

Raspberry is a sumptuous pink shade that skips being sickly sweet. It's closer to red, giving it an extra punchiness and weight.

This pale pink tone can have a barely-there look on creams and linens. Blush has a light touch that's ideal for cottages and shabby chic homes.

Coral balances between red, pink and orange with connotations of sea life. It's also a youthful shade that looks lovely with turquoise tones.

A highly mis-understood shade of grey, charcoal provides a dramatic backdrop in interiors. It's also great for creating a focal point.

Moss, emerald and jade are all enchanting dark green shades. This guide is the perfect way to choose between these deep tones.

F&P Interiors Director, Emma, offers her top interior design tips for mastering metallics. There's full-on looks and final touches.

Bold blood orange skews towards red for eye-catching, warm and exciting interiors. Even with grey, it has plenty of personality.

Half way between fig and plum, aubergine is an opulent tone that's ideal for adding depth to a room. It's particularly suited to country houses.

A soft and smokey shade of purple with grey and pink undertones. This dusky colour is a great alternative to blush pink.

Colour Combinations for Interiors

Creating a multicoloured interior design scheme is all about balance. Here's how to choose complementing and contrasting colours for eclectic interiors and kids' rooms.

Whether dense and dark rooms or fresh and zesty, there's a sense of the exotic when blue and green combine. Here's how to pair them indoors and out.

Grey is arguably the most fuss-free tone to pair with other colours and certainly the most popular. Here's six ways to use it for smart and stylish interiors.

A daring, bold and stylish duo, pink and orange makes the ideal partnership for young modern spaces. They create light-hearted and trendy interiors that girls will love.

Plucked straight from the natural world, a pink and green colour combination deserves to be celebrated inside too. Brights, darks, and pastels all look stunning together.

An autumnal palette may seem like an adventurous interior design scheme but red, yellow and orange create cosy rooms that will impress year-round.

A timeless colour combination that's anything but boring with patterns galore. The monochrome look works particularly well in shared spaces.

Pantone's Colour of the Year

In 2021 Pantone offered a strong colour combination. First there's radiant Illuminating yellow. It's full of optimism and positivity.

Then Ultimate Gray offers a balance. It gives the yellow a modern twist and extra punch. Both these tones are elevated when paired together.

Classic Blue is described as a, “Reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence, and connection,” with plenty of staying-power.

A playful bright pinky orange, Living Coral softens geometric patterns perfectly. It has an uplifting lightness in interiors.

A blue-based purple, Ultra Violet inspires creativity and productivity. It's a modern tone for out of this world interiors.

Greenery is a rejuvenating and revitalising room colour that reconnects us to nature. It's ideal for lively large patterns.

The first time Pantone named two colours saw peaceful pastels: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Together, they promote wellness and tranquility.

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