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How To Hang Wide-Width Wallpaper

15th October 2018

Wide-width wallpaper ranges from 100-145 cms but it's not as tricky to hang as some decorators might think. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to get stunning wallpapered walls to enjoy for many years to come.

Hanging Wide-Width Wallpaper

Neurtal Floral Wide Width Wallpaper


The same with any wallpaper you need to prepare your walls, they should be clean, smooth and dry. We always recommend cross-lining a wall as this improves the finish to wallpapers by offering a smooth surface to hang.


Top Tip: If you have a newly plastered wall it is best to seal this first to stop your wallpaper paste being absorbed too easily.


Some of our wide width wallpapers come with a perforated edge that will need to be removed first. This edge protects the wallpaper in transit and up until it is hung so don’t remove it until ready.



You will need to draw a plumb line for your first drop, normally you start in the left corner and work around the room but for a feature wall you may wish to centre your first drop and join at either end.


Top Tip: Before you cut any drops triple check your pattern repeat, are you cutting straight drops or are you alternating drops for a half drop pattern repeat?

Hanging Your Wide Width Wallpaper

Ensure you have plenty of space to work in, you don't need a wallpaper pasting table, it's best to work on the floor with wide wallpapers.


The wide width wallpapers are paste the wall, which makes it much easier to handle as your wallpaper won’t be wet or sticky.


Once the first drop is hung; air bubbles are removed and the top and bottom trimmed as per standard wallpaper, then you are ready to hang  the next drop.


Paste the required area & hang the second drop overlapping the edge of the first drop by approx. 20mm, to match the pattern. Secure the rest of the paper as before. This technique is often referred to as double cut hanging, it allows for a perfect join between drops.


PLEASE NOTE: The overlap amount will differ between designs so please pay particular attention to the hanging instructions sent with your wallpaper.


Cut through the centre of the overlap with a very sharp blade using a metal edge as a guide.


Pull away the 2 strips of paper, flap back the edges & re-paste. Press edges back into position to form a perfect join. Now trim top & bottom.


Top Tip: If you are hanging a drop into the corner of a room, roll your wallpaper drop vertically, this will make it much easier to handle when you come to hang it.

If you have any further questions about hanging your wide width wallpaper or help with working out your wallpaper quantities please get in touch with a member of our team, we will be happy to help.

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