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How To Order Your Bespoke Mural Wallpaper

1st July 2016

Mural wallpapers, as easy as 1,2,3...

This wall mural is printed to order and can be made to your specific wall(s) size.

Step 1 – Measure Your Wall

Measure the width and height of your wall(s) in centimetres.

If your wall is sloped take the highest measurement.

If you are planning on wallpapering on multiple walls please let us know! For each corner we advise adding 5cm to the width. Alternatively, some designs work better being made to each specific wall and this eliminates the tricky stage of wallpapering around a corner – we can guide you on the best option!

Top Tip: Add 5 cm to your width and height to allow for uneven walls.

How To Measure For A Bespoke Mural Wallpaper

Step 2 – Get A Quote

You can email us, call us or visit us in person at our Sussex Showroom with your measurements and any design specifics.

A quote and mock-up of your design will be sent out via email, typically within 24hours. Our design team are on hand Monday-Friday to talk through any changes you want to make including scale, colour and arrangement of the design, this is particularly good if you have windows or doors where you are worried the design might be lost.


Good To Know: Prices range from £33-£45 per square metre, as you only pay for the wallpaper coverage you need this is not only cost effective but produces less waste and therefore kinder to the environment.


Step 3 – Sit Back Relax and Wait For Delivery      

We aim to deliver your bespoke mural wallpaper in 1-3 weeks but can advise a more accurate delivery time once we know your chosen design. Express options are available for those who just can’t wait to get their stunning mural wallpaper up on the wall!


Delivery to the UK is FREE for orders over £200 and murals are available for delivery worldwide.

How To Hang Mural Wallpaper

You may also wish to take a look at how easy they are to hang with our How To Hang Mural Wallpaper guide.