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How to Use Geometric Wallpaper

31st January 2019

Geometric wallpaper can add a simple and yet strong pattern to any interior. There's plenty of contemporary, masculine, and Art Deco prints to inspire.

They depict abstract, nonrepresentational shapes such as lines, triangles, and hexagons. There's also softer, more feminine styles like ikat, Chinoiserie, and Moorish designs.

Here's our guide on how to use geometric wallpaper for your interior design needs.

Using Geometric Pattern Wallpaper in Your Home

What Are the Different Types of Geometric Wallpaper?

The most common image that springs to mind when thinking of geometric wallpaper is triangles. This simple three-sided shape provides a traditional motif.

Whereas, clean minimalistic geometric designs are more associated with fine lines. Now, however, both are offered in contemporary colour schemes.

These can be refined, sophisticated, and/or vintage. They can also be young, bright and ideal for children's wallpaper.

The latest trend now sees textured and 3D geometric wallpaper. They provide extra dimensions to any room.

All three of these styles have seen overlap in recent years as designers have provided modern geometric wallpaper patterns. Here's how to use each in your interior.

The Classic: Geometric Triangle Wallpaper

Like using any pattern, the first considerations are size, colour, and where you're going to use it. Large designs are very much on trend. Whilst, bold may be current but it can be a bit much on a bigger scale.

Using a large geometric pattern, however, doesn't need to be overwhelming. Opt for softer hues and pastels to create a sense of balance. The Prisma Wall Panel is perfect for achieving this look.

When using brights or a mix of primary colours, downplay them with a smaller geometric triangle wallpaper. The Deltas Wallpaper does this by matching with similar but muted hues.

Although these designs are very different, their compositions are ideal for childrens' rooms. They are light, relaxing and fun.

The bold colours of the Circus Wall Panel, on the other hand, is an assertive pattern. The daring mix of vivid colours are harmonised with the use of black.

The rainbow of bolds combined with the large design can be used in moderation for a powerful effect. It is excellent for a feature wall. Alternatively, match it with equally spirited interior design like Eclectic styling.

The Clean: Minimalist Geometric Wallpaper

A minimal, simple pattern offers a smart contemporary geometric wallpaper. Even a larger design like the Robin Wallpaper can look classic.

To match this style, add texture and depth through fabric in block colours or tone on tone patterns. Likewise, modern greenery can add further texture and interest to a room.

A minimalist geometric wallpaper can also be used in a more traditional interior. The simple ovals of Sonoma Wallpaper are suited to a neutral demure room.

Then pair it with a moderate fabric on curtains and upholstery to create an understated finish. This allows colour to be used sparingly on home accessories like cushions.

There are, nonetheless, bold minimalist geometric wallpaper designs available. Fractalisimi Wallpaper uses colour clashing with simple lines for a strong impact.

The angular pattern mixed with the striking hues is both youthful and modern. The trick is to use it in a well-lit room to get the full impact.

Team it with a plain upholstery fabric for the largest piece of furniture. Again, complete the room with patterns in the home accessories. A variety can be peppered throughout the space with colour pops reflected in artwork.

The Creative: 3D Geometric Wallpaper

Designers have taken geometric wallpaper to the next level with 3D designs. These can be in print or in composition.

The Vincent Wallpaper, for example, has a simple diamond pattern. It has then been printed to give the optical illusion of 3D boxes.

This adds extra colour and depth to the room whilst making the room seem larger. Plus, the simplicity of the shapes make them highly adaptable.

This 3D geometric wallpaper can be used as a feature wall. It can, however, be used all around. The trick is perspective. High ceilings and tall doors even out its impact. It juxtaposes the architecture with an ultra modern touch.

Then there's textured effects that add subtly to the character of a space. Tactile 3D geometric wallpaper can be modern but can also be aged.

The Cashiers Wallpaper is printed onto fine strips of paper giving the peaks a faded appearance. The result is something both novel and timeless.

Pick out the key colours and use them sparingly in contrasting textures. This seamlessly ties the room together.

Oswego Wall Panel, on the other hand, has a patchwork design inspired by ancient silk routes. Pairing it with matching fabric completes the look. The chic hues and bonus points for eco-friendly materials make it an exquisite feature.

Three Ways to Style Your Geometric Wallpaper

Idea One: Geometric Children's Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper, as previously stated, can be young and fun making it fitting for children's rooms. This can include kids' bedrooms or play rooms. It can, however, also include other parts of your interior.

A family home has many shared spaces. These include high-traffic areas like hallways, back-porches, and stairwells. Often, these rooms become a dropping off point for children's things and the interior can embrace that.

By using a colourful geometric wallpaper, their posessions look like they belong. Their brightly coloured toys, clothing, and bags fit right in.

These items become a part of the room's eco-system, and even decoration. Using matching hooks and/or storage show a room that's intended for its use.

This is opposed to these pieces appearing as clutter, mess or an after-thought. It stops them ruining an established, sophisticated area of the home. Instead, it's whimsical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

The Kira Wallpaper is perfect for this as it has a playful colour scheme. It will brighten a small space and can be easily matched.

A busier space, however, might suit a darker shade in order to mask any scuffs that come with family life. The end result is an interior that is both practical and stylish.

Idea Two: Young Modern Geometric Wallpaper

A young modern interior design scheme allows for an adventurous use of patterns and colour. This yellow geometric wallpaper, Delano, has just that combination.

It takes its name from the famous South Beach, Miami Art Deco hotel. And like its namesake, it's both retro and modern.

Plus, the mid-size print balances the colour scheme of yellow, black and white. It is both tiled and uniform.

An equally dramatic way to style this geometric wallpaper is with maximalism. That's print on print, bold with bold, more is more.

A vivid but not too matchy geometric fabric takes this look up a notch. Then it's about picking tones from both for home accessories.

Pay particular attention to choosing items that have the nuances of retro design but in modern colours. This is particularly important in lighting.

If that's too much of a statement, try block colours in equally "Miami" shades. Ice cream pastels with dulled greys, browns, and creams do the trick.

This makes for a fresh and funky, hip interior that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Idea Three: Masculine Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper easily creates a masculine vibe in an interior. This is particularly associated with Art Deco but not limited to it.

The simple shapes and patterns mean geometric designs carry darker colours and create a cool, smooth finish. Moreover, there's an increasing amount of metallic geometric wallpaper to achieve this concept.

A good example of this is Revivals Wallpaper. The deep and rich blue tone has a hexagonal pattern in black. There are then added bronze tones used as an aging effect. Each hexagon is unique giving a hand-painted, rugged, and rustic appearance.

It also adds depth and intrigue to a room and is perfectly paired with contrasting materials. Leather and metallic accessories, stonework and glass, all combine for a contemporary interior.

Additionally, weave fabric provides an extra texture that's both chunky, durable, and classic whilst adding a touch of comfort. Using it in neutral tones will allow the geometric pattern to be the defining point.

Likewise, if the geometric wallpaper is being used as a feature wall then a matching paint should be chosen. This will make the pattern pop and keep it as the focus.