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Materials, Patterns & Techniques

  1. Chintz: The Print with Serious Staying Power 6th September 2018
  2. Everything You Need to Know About Using Outdoor Fabric Indoors 15th May 2018
  3. How to Use Striped Wallpaper 17th April 2018
  4. Embroidery: History and How It's Made 5th March 2018
  5. Sculptured Velvet: History and How It’s Made 11th December 2017
  6. How to Use Tartans, Checks and Plaids 27th November 2017
  7. Furnishing Fabrics Definitions 1st September 2017
  8. Rapture & Wright on the Art of Screen Printing 4th August 2017
  9. Painterly Effects: Designs Inspired by Artistic Techniques 29th July 2017
  10. Feel the Benefits of Wool 19th July 2017

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