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Materials, Patterns & Techniques

  1. Everything You Need to Know About Using Outdoor Fabric Indoors 15th May 2018
  2. How to Use Striped Wallpaper 17th April 2018
  3. Embroidery: History and How It's Made 5th March 2018
  4. Sculptured Velvet: History and How It’s Made 11th December 2017
  5. How to Use Tartans, Checks and Plaids 27th November 2017
  6. Furnishing Fabrics Definitions 1st September 2017
  7. Rapture & Wright on the Art of Screen Printing 4th August 2017
  8. Painterly Effects: Designs Inspired by Artistic Techniques 29th July 2017
  9. Feel the Benefits of Wool 19th July 2017
  10. From Field to Furnishings: A Story of British Wool Production 5th July 2017

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