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Noah's Ark Nursery

26th September 2017

A creative Noah's Ark nursery that any child would be lucky to have. A collection of wild animals rule the walls, repeated on both the wallpaper and the window dressings. Natural wicker furniture provides much-needed storage that provides a practical solution whilst at the same time looking stylish and in-keeping with the design. A clever use of matching material used for the curtains and the chair helps to tie this charming pattern scheme together.

Noahs Ark Nursery

Get the Look

Walls and Curtains

This charming Two By Two Wallpaper is perfect for any child's nursery with a warm neutral paint, Birch White. and with matching fabric to coordinate.

The matching Two By Two Fabric is used to coordinate the walls and the curtains.

A plain Paris Texas Fabric can be used to balance the use of pattern.

A small gingham fabric like Rasuro is ideal to add a small pattern underneath.


A classic Parker Knoll chair covered in Beachcomber Tartan, together with Rasuro Fabric to match the curtains.

Home Accessories

A Catamaran Check Fabric for a cushion can be added to by being appliqued.

An extra Noah Cushion, or two, is ideal for some added comfort.

A fun Cressida Rug to soften the wood floor.