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Tented Garden Room

22nd February 2021

A show-stopping outdoor living area that incorporates nature into its scheme. The crisp white drapes and plain upholstered outdoor seating create the perfect blank canvas to feature calm grey tones and nature's green shades. Mixing bold fabric designs and creative motifs gives an injection of personality and style into the space.

White Outdoor Seating Area

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Curtains, Upholstery, and Rug

A Palm Plain white outdoor fabric that is suitable for sun and rain!

A lightly quilted white fabric for the upholstery, Sashay Matelasse on this sofa-bench.

A practical Provence indoor-outdoor rug that comes in six sizes.


A collection of fabrics for cushions. Larger sizes for Chinese Checkers and Geode Ikat. Then the large cat of Misha, geometric design of Mojito, and Sarah Spot for smaller cushions.