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Outdoor Fabrics Ready for Summer

20th June 2019

Indoor-outdoor upholstery fabric is durable, stylish, and, above all, adaptable. As the name suggests, it's ideal for both home interiors and exteriors.

Outdoor furniture material has also come a long way. The appearance and soft feel of these outside fabric designs defy expectations. They are surprisingly soft and built to withstand all manner of weathering. Moreover, there's currently a plethora of new options available. Plus, they are just as beautiful as their exclusively indoor counterparts.

Fabrics That Cope with Even the Most British of Summers!

Exterior fabric is incredibly versatile, it fits homes with sprawling grounds all the way to modest suntraps. Whether you are planning on adding a deckchair to your terrace or a lounger to your garden, you can do it in style and with ease.

These exterior materials are not only strong and durable, they are also stain-resistant against spills and easy to clean. They're the perfect fabrics for sun worshippers, red wine drinkers and mucky pups and you can be confident that your new UV protected and colour permanent fabrics will maintain their style and beauty over time.

Stylish Outdoor Fabric Ideas

These sunbrella fabric looks also work wonderfully as outdoor cushion fabric. These can be made bespoke for bench seating, throw pillows, or reupholstery.

They can even make garden drapes to hang around pagodas and cabanas for respite from the heat. This adds a beautiful pattern to any outside area.

In fact, the prints are so stunning that you can introduce them to your interior. There's little to fear from pets, children, or a sun-drenched spot in the room. These fabrics were made to withstand the elements.

Alternatively, there's ready-made home accessories, in both cushions and rugs. Again, they work perfectly as both indoor and outdoor decorations.

Needless to say, there are many ways to kicks back and enjoy your outside space.

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As more and more people discover the joys of using outdoor fabric inside, we take a look at the practical benefits of embracing this new trend.

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