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The Biggest Interior Design Trends for 2021

6th January 2021

With more and more time spent inside our homes, it is scarcely surprising that thoughts are turning towards how we use them and what we put in them. With the increased likelihood of people working from home long term, shoppers are recognising the need to invest more in their surroundings. From a more patient approach to decorating our homes to expanding your interiors outside, read on to discover what F&P Interiors Director, Emma, predicts will be the biggest design trends we can expect to see in 2021...

Brand Conscious Shopping

The growing demand for sustainability in interiors has been echoing the direction of the fashion industry in recent years with many consumers choosing to shop from brands who are actively considering the environment. Considering factors such as responsible sourcing of materials to repurposing waste and reducing over-production, interior design houses are being held accountable for the impact the industry has on our planet.

Next year I expect to see this being a fundamental part of how brands produce and promote their products. A move towards decorating using natural fabrics like hemp, wool and recycled fibres is predicted for 2021 as we already see some accessories, rugs, cushions, throws made of recycled plastic bottles so expect this trend to continue. Customers are also taking into account where their products are being produced in an effort to reduce the impact of global transportation. With a big rise in 'British made' wallpapers and fabrics, I anticipate this being a major consideration for consumers.

Interior Trends 2021
Interior Trends 2021
"Shoppers are looking at the brand as a whole and not just at the products they sell. They want to buy beautiful things but not at the cost of the environment around them"

During 2020 we also saw many design houses delaying the release of their second collection, instead choosing to work their primary collection harder throughout the year. This reduction in the number of new designs has had a positive effect across the industry as a whole with less production and sample wastage, and more of a focus on high quality designs making the final cut.

As a company we have always been selective about choosing the best designs from a collection for our online shop. By knowing our customers well, we believe that this curated approach is a far better way to ensure that we sell the very best of what our brands have to offer. If you are interested in discovering more about the brands that we believe are leading the way in eco conscious design, read our feature below.

Maximising Outdoor Spaces

With the huge resurgence of interest in gardening, and more homeowners investing in design, we expect to see this extended into outdoor furnishings to make their green space into an extra room to enjoy. With more time spent living and dining in the garden, British weather allowing, we have already seen a huge growth in beautiful outdoor fabrics and made to measure outdoor furnishings. 

Customers are choosing to make their outdoor spaces really comfortable and attractive, whatever the size of their gardens. Think large cushions to lie on while reading a book or a banquette cushion for a cosy garden bench, these small additions make a real difference. Our range of indoor-outdoor fabrics are specifically designed to endure the outdoors, with colour-fast inks to withstand sun bleaching and wipe clean threads for easy upkeep. When cared for properly, they will weather the seasons well and will last for many years to come.

Colour Trend: Green

I predict green will be one of the most popular colours for interiors this year. Perhaps due to our renewed focus on nature and the great outdoors, we are seeing leaf designs and natural motifs fast becoming best sellers in both fabrics and wallpapers. Rich emeralds, bright - almost turquoise greens and grass greens are all being mixed together to create striking colour palettes that feels both warm and fresh.

Layering is the key to achieving this look. Designs such as this striking Chinoiserie wall mural provides you with a ready made palette that features varying shades of green. Injecting colour whilst keeping your room feeling modern, wall murals instantly transform the look of the space and are a great option to use across the home from kitchens to bedrooms and home offices.

If you are a fan of mixing pattern, then green provides a treasure trove of designs and tones to play with. Look to a statement wallpaper or favourite piece of artwork to help to inform the different tones that sit well together and choose varying scales and patterns to achieve that layered look. Plan in some neutral spaces such as paintwork or a textured rug to break the green up a bit and keep the room feeling balanced.

Interior Trends 2021

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Longer-Term Approach

People are recognising that their homes need to be havens for relaxation as they create areas to unwind and enjoy time together with loved ones. The slower pace of life that we experienced over the past year has also given rise to a more patient, longer-term approach to decorating our homes.

This translates into changing furnishings less frequently, being less fashion led and buying higher quality products that are made to last. This movement away from cheap throwaway fashion has seen people restoring pre-loved items rather than discarding them to buy off-the-shelf versions of inferior quality.

Services such a furniture re-upholstery and tailor made furniture is experiencing a revival as more and more shoppers choose quality over quantity. With all this in mind, I expect to see less radical renovations and more fine-tuning as we invest in evolving our interiors over time. I always tell clients that once we have completed our work, they need to bring their own character into their rooms by adding favourite artworks, rugs and cushions.

This longer-term focus on our interior decor is encouraging people to spend the time finding those homely touches that they will love long into the future. Lampshades are a good place to add colour and we are seeing more demand for bespoke fabric lampshades using beautiful fabrics which can be plain or pleated and customised with trimmings. A rise in demand for made to measure curtains and blinds is also helping people to realise their vision for a unique home that reflects their individual tastes and I predict this preference for bespoke to last long into the future.

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